View Full Version : Muslims and Modern Occupations: Which is Allowed?

12-28-2008, 01:30 AM
Here is a thread that talks briefly about many occupations and what is allowed in islam...

First thing i would like to mention is that is a created this post with a list of all hamam and halal jobs i would exhaust myself because there are far many to mention.. Ill shall list the top issues of modern workplaces today and this should be a checklist for many when choosing a career...First above all is the most major problem in the western countries alike.. A problem far few can escape..:Freemixing in the workplace.

Mixing between opposite sexes in the workplace

This issue is on the top of the list....espesially in the western lands..Men and women working together is a great fitnah that many do not seem to know how to combat.... Any career that calls for a man to be alone or to touch on a female should be avoided..For weak people glance and gazing between sexes is a fitnah and the temptation should be minimized where so it is not a day to day battle of lust and the sexes are free to get their duties done respectively.. This cannot be compared to working i a place where women come in occasionally but those who view each other on a daily basis...It is a shame that even in Muslim countries men and women are allowed to share vehicles together and even sit next to each other from taxis to the ills of the movie cinemas ...

Working for a company that assists in haram

This issue alone is almost rare to find companies or groups that do not deal with haram.. Working for a company that deals in halal and haram is a big issue even if the person who is working in the company has a halal occupation...He is still working for a company that deals in other haram activities and this is a sort of assisting their sin by doing the halal parts of the work...By making halal money for an organization that in turns aids the organization to continue to thrive which will give them more opportunity to do haram acts if they wish.... Fin

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