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01-17-2009, 05:20 AM

I found this post on another forum. You may find it beneficial, insha Allah.

Between Reality and the Imagery

Have you ever encountered a lion in reality? How did you behave? How did you feel, safe or terrified? And what about the picture of a lion, how did you react? Did the picture terrify you or did you feel no threat at all?

The questions describe the effects and behaviour of people placed in particular situations. First is the meeting with a real lion and the second is with an imagery lion. Needless to say reactions of people would be on opposite spectrums for both scenarios, the former will lead to fear and terror and the latter will have no effect of fear.

Similarly the Muslims are of two types, those that are real and those that are an image. Real Muslim would have a particular effect upon the kuffar around the world. Those that encounter the real Muslim would be awe stuck and be terrified by the Muslim. Because the real Muslim lives according to his Deen and surrenders completely to the commandments of Allah. This was the case of the sahabah, the world was at their feet because they were feared by all. The imagery Muslims are feared by none. They are seen as a harmless portrait on the wall, which can not harm in any possible way.

So, are we real Muslims feared by all? Or are we an image feared by none and in fear of all? Unfortunately the Muslim of this time have become an image, they are not feared nor respected they are like the deceiving mirage in the desert. Because they do not adhere to the commandments of Allah (SWT), the fear from the kuffar has been taken way and placed in the hearts of the Muslims. This love of the current life and hatred for death has become the nourishment for the state of affairs.

Yet there is a third set of people, that present themselves to be Real Muslim, people that display certain attires of the Muslims (i.e. men with beard, scarves, thobes; women with scarves, jilbaab's) but conceal falsehood, hence these people also fall in the category of the imagery Muslim. These people sloganise Islam but when the Deen conflicts with their personal interest they will abandon the Deen. Such imagery Muslims are from the worst creatures that will never be respected nor feared by the Kuffar.

The state of affairs faced by the Muslims was a predicted prophesy of Muhammed (SAW), he said,

"The nations will gather to feast and feed from the Muslims….at that time you will be great in number but worse than the scum of the sea, Allah will remove the fear from the hearts of the Disbelievers (of the Muslims) and place Wahn in your hearts" the Sahabah asked "What is Wahn O messenger of Allah?" He (SAW) replied, "love of life and fear of death".

O Muslims if we desire to change our state of affairs then we must study the reasons behind the current reality, we must release our attachment to life and embrace the love of death, hence leave the imagery and become the reality. Allah (SWT) said,

We do not change the situation of people until they change what is within themselves.

O Muslims, the enemies of Allah and your enemies are those that disbelieve in Islam, they fear us no more, they invade our land, loot our resources, humiliate our women, massacre our children, imprison our men. Now is the time to awaken and let the disbelievers know that we are real, we will not remain silent at the face of oppression, nor will our hands remain tied. O Muslims remove the shackles of slavery, and return back you religion.

Imam Ali said to those that were against him "o people who have image of men you are not men"

Hadith - "Allah does not look at the image and your size, but your heart and action"

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