View Full Version : Israeli Troops Remain In Gaza Despite Truce

'Abd-al Latif
01-18-2009, 12:13 PM

The Israeli military has continued its operation in the Gaza Strip, killing one civilian in Khan Younis and carrying out air raids in the north, just hours after the country's prime minister declared an end to hostilities.
The Palestinian faction Hamas - the de facto government in Gaza - was not consulted in Israel's unilateral cessation, and Hamas leaders say the "resistance movement" will continue to fight as long as Israeli troops remain inside the Strip.

They also maintain their pre-war demand that Israel ends its crippling 18-month blockade of the Palestinian territory to allow for the free-flow of goods in.

"They know, as long as they are still in Gaza, we have to defend ourselves and we have to fire rockets, also to show the world community there are still Palestinians who are suffering from occupation and sanctions."

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