View Full Version : Are YOU looking for Prophetic Solutions to your marital problems?

02-13-2009, 11:56 PM
Senior Scholars &
Mashaykh of Ahli-Sunnah wa Al-Jamaah

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Your marriage in trouble ?

Are YOU looking for Prophetic Solutions to your marital problems?

Wanna know how to strengthen marital relations?
Searching for Secrets of Happy and Succesful Marriage ?

Look no further !!! Wait NO more !!
Join us for a very enlightening and beneficial lecture

Coming to YOU this Saturday .... Feb. 14th
- BY-

- Shaykh Ali Abdur-Rehmaan Al-Huthayfi-

Imaam and Khateeb of Prophet's Masjid

Professor Islamic University, Al-Madinah

- Schedule-

Weekly Lectures - Online Intensive Courses


Methods of Broadcasting:

You may listen to the lectures via following options, Absolutely FREE !!!

1- Masaajid, Islamic Centers and Groups = Use our Telephone Conference Calling system. Use telephone number listed below. Please email phone@albaseerah.org for more details.

2- Individual Listeners = Live Broadcast from our website www.albaseerah.org/live.htm

3- Pal-Talk = Religion >> Islam >> Live Senior Scholars of Ahli Sunnah English Arabic

For monthly schedule (Date + Time) please visit http://www.albaseerah.org/audio/schedule.htm

Telephone Number:

Password = 302367


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