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02-14-2009, 09:58 AM
Dear Readers

The Quran says to the Believers: “Remain steadfast and advocate steadfastness to others and join together to implement the laws of God; fear Him that you may succeed.” (3:200)

Many individuals come together to make a community. An Islamic life is to live as a community. To stay dispersed and to pursue ones own advantages and self-interest is not the life of the Muslim, who has submitted to God. The question now arises: how can different individuals become one single community? How can separate Muslims be woven into the single fabric of an Islamic community?

We may look at the pivotal point and make clear the direction towards it. Have you ever seen a football match? Or course you have. On each side there are 11 players positioned around one half of the pitch. Some are at the back, some at the front and others in the center. Others are at the left and right and one can be seen standing alone behind them all. They are all spread out as if they have no connection with one another. The ball is placed in the center and a whistle is blown. The previously dispersed players start running very fast. A strange commotion takes place. Now we can see a game taking shape and in this bustle we observe a unique phenomenon. The player who is nearest to the ball makes every effort to direct it towards on specific target. It never happens that a player from one team kicks the ball in one direction and another player from the same team tries to kick it to the opposite direction. The point to which all players of the same side aim the ball is known as their Goal. And goal means aspiration, ambition, intent or purpose. The goal is a point, which is in sight of them all, something that they collectively cherish and wish to achieve. The players are eleven but their aim is one. All the individual players who have one goal are known as a team.
Likewise if all the individuals of a society who have one purpose and a common aspiration, then they can be known as a Community. But individuals can only become a community if they all have ONE goal and ONE ambition. Of members of any society do not have one goal they cannot be a community; if different individuals have different goals they cannot be a community either. People of a nation of even different countries may have things in common but unless they share the same values, they cannot truly be a united community either. However, for Muslims, God has defined their goal. He has said in Ali-Imran 3:103 “Hold fast to the rope of God, and do not be divided…”

This is the goal for all Muslims, which will unite everyone and bring all individuals together to become one community.

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