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02-17-2009, 04:59 PM

Heres a beautiful story that Mawlana Ar-Rumi tells :

Once a man was making duaa and he was doing ill-hah, like begging Allah. A
cynic passed by and he said to him, “how long have you been asking?”

The man replied, “for many many years.”

“have you recieved an answer yet?”

The man replied, “no.”

“Then why are you still asking?”

Then Rumi said, the man fell into a confused sleep-because the cynic had put
shak (doubt) in his heart. Then the man said in his sleep he had seen
Al-Khidr, and Al-Khidr said, “why did you leave your supplication?”
he said, “because i realized i had been doing it all these years and i never
got the answer.” and Al-Khidr said, “dont you realize? the supplication was the answer.”
I've been reading it over and over again and its going right past my head. :uuh:
any ideas?


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