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05-13-2009, 10:16 PM
Introduction to the Project

I seek refuge with Allah, the All-Hearing the All-Knowing from Satan, the outcast,

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful,

Oh Allah, send Your prayers of mercy upon Mohammed and his family as You have sent upon Ibrahim and for Ibrahim's family. You are the Most Praiseworthy, the Glorified. Oh Allah, send Your blessings upon Mohammed and his family as You set upon Ibrahim and for Ibrahim's family. You are the Most Praiseworthy, the Glorified.

We will start our project "In the Light of Ramadan" for this year.. you know this was the path of our Salaf-us-Saleh, pious forefathers. They used to supplicate to reach Ramadan six months before its arrival and they supplicated another six months after Ramadan that Allah accepts Ramadan deeds from them. As for us, due to our weakness, we will try to follow their paths and work for Ramadan three months or more before it arrives.. let's work the coming hundred days and prepare for the greatest gift given by Allah to Muslims..

"And if they had intended to march out, certainly, they would have made some preparation for it, but Allah was averse to their being sent forth, so He made them lag behind, and it was said (to them), "Sit you among those who sit (at home)." At-Taubah-46

How much did we work hard to earn the necessities of a life that's meant to end?

Life misguides and harms us with all its Fitna and temptations "test of faith in times of trial" .. and then it passes and ends leaving us to our day of judgment.

Now is the time to shut your eyes off "Life" .. and to find time as well as energy to work for what is good and everlasting.

Death is approaching ..and you haven't yet had enough fuel to make you reach your goal "Paradise"

Think about yourself .. advise your self.. and monitor your God closely..

Have a time for "real work" and do work hard.

Reach with sincerity for God's acceptance

Now is the time for waking up .. the time to live moderately..

As We are all close to danger .. we are approaching our departure time and very soon you will meet death.

"Nay, but the Hour is their appointed time (for their full recompense), and the Hour will be more grievous and more bitter." Al-Qamar-46

In ša Allāh, we will begin our practical training session to prepare for Ramadan1

Every day we will agree to practice a sunnah ("the way of the prophet") or an action by which we hope to get closer to Allah Almighty

The First week days will be the "Warming-Up"

"Then their skin and their heart soften to the remembrance of Allah." Az-Zumar-23

Each day you will see a suggested action, its benefits and practical ways for application

Are you with us???

Our Goals this year:

(1). Save Yourself in the times of Fitna (temptations )and Tamhees (Allah separates the believers from unbelievers by tests ) we are undergoing.

(2) Soften you heart.. and prepare for meeting Allah

(3) My heart belongs to Allah

(4) Isolate yourself from the world to sit alone with Allah.. Lets learn how to sit alone with Allah to get rid of our problems

(5) To make the prophet happy by spreading the abandoned Sunna (Sunna mahjoora) that will be brought up within our project

Remember our every day slogans

Towards a heart that pulses the love of Allah..

No one will reach Allah's door before me..

I am going to show Allah what I am going to do

Are you ready???

I pray that you warm my heart with your follow-up and implementation...

I have a request :: kindly do the following

1- Please spread this message everywhere on the net
2- Those who lead to good are like those who do it. Lead others to doing good in order to truly benefit from Ramadan
3- Create a Faith schedule for yourself and make a big header (__title__) which you can hardly miss "A Step Everyday Closer to Allah Almighty"

Let us all strive to become closer to Allah. Let us all try to get ready for Ramadan... We are indeed the servants of the beneficent

By: Sheikh Hani Helmy2

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