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05-19-2009, 07:38 AM

I can understand where you are coming from because certain weird things happened to me a few yrs back as well. And it all began when a mate of mine asked me about the number 9. And then IT ALL BEGAN. The dreams (about sacred geometry), the time was always 2.22 or 5.55 or 3.33pm whenever I looked at a clock, or when I predicted a major world "moment" to occur one month prior (Tsunami) and so on...All happened within a short space of time beginning around early Nov 2004 and went on for a good year. Since then only a few weird things happened and this then resulted in new findings as usual. And this is why I'm writing to you bro.

My findings have a DIRECT relation to the "system of Dajjal". The "system" is derived from the pentagram/pentagon. The pentagram is used as a symbol of the satanic and occult for eons. The reasons?...I have now unlocked the secrets! Well the basic knowledge for it anyway...as for the applications? That's where Dajjal will use it to extreme. What is it?

PHI or F which is a ratio of approx 1.6180339887....to infinity! Is found in almost everything in life bro! Here's a great site for info on PHI only!

It's called the Golden Ratio or Divine Ratio and I had to rediscover this all by myself while all the weird things were happening to me. I'm writing a book on it at the moment and it seems Allah wanted me to know this and wants me to do something, but I havn't worked that out yet.

While I was going over my PHI calculations for a good year and re-discovering many more wonderfull aspects about PHI, I realized that Allah loves using this more than any other ratio or number that we know of. It can be used for constructive and destructive purposes. Even the symbol F has a philosophical look to it. The 0 represents nothingness and the 1 is Allah's presence for life. So we see "from nothing, something" F.

As the years went on I have built up allot of knowledge on Dejjal, The Illumni's, Jinn's and PHI (the technology used by Dajjal for his system) and much more. It's one big collage now and I can see where all this is going and where it came from.

I also made another crucial discovery this year. Something about our blessed Ka'ba. I found that it is also built in PHI ratio's with the inner walls (lenght to width) has a ratio of approximately (PHI – ½).
to an accuracy of 99.5%.
The Inner walls are even more accurate but the ratio here is different. The ratio of the Inner Walls is approx = 2/PHI to an accuracy of 99.9%.
That alone is pretty amazing in my view!

I've posted this on the forum but everyone thinks I'm a nut after that! An alien! NO ONE VERIFIED IT except for a Christian who at first opposed my find as "quackmatics" but then realized PHI was involved and then said "oh my God I didn't realize". And that's it! It's BASIC math. If you want to look at it bro here it is here.

There's also another discovery which I'll show you only if you ask, and this one is a doozy! It was actually my first dicovery and the one that drove me to find all the other things including PHI!

Overall it's one big FIND in general and I thought I'd share it with you bro 'cos it seems you're going through similar things.

Weird dreams,
Insatiable thirst for knowledge,
Pyramids & Pharoes,
Crop Circles,
Sacred Geometry,
The Pentagram,
Secrets with held such as PHI,
Secrets taught in Babylonian and Egyptian days,
Systems used in society using PHI,
The NewWorldOrder is upon us,
The preparation of the "cattle" for the "coming",
Arrival of Al-Mahdi & Isa (a.s),
The Mahdi knows the "system",
The arrival of Dajjal himself,
Then killed by Isa (a.s).

That's in a nut shell right?

Aleykum Selam bro!

Dajjal arrives,


email number two

Great work Ma'ash'Allah brother.
Can you give me a hadith where it mentions this "greatest name of Allah" please? I'm qurious 'cos I've never heard of this before.
There's allot to discus from what you've given me bro but time is very minimal for me. It probably shows why I've only made a thousand posts over the last 2 years!

As for the "knowledge of the secrets", even Merlin dissapeared behind a tree in search of it, vowing to return once he did. This secret knowledge is not something WE should be concentrating on though. That is, you don't want to do the same thing they do in order to understand it, and use it. Allah has forbidden us from such paths anyway.

Your research so far has been an eye opener to say the least so keep it up bro!

My findings so far.....what do u think.....

I been thinking alot about the link between the temple of Solomon and Egypt, and i think i found the link...

Read below which are sum of my random thoughts

in reference to the very first post in this thread i asked what was the link between temple of solomon and egypt...

i was reading the quran today....the chapter THE ANT

The link...is queen sheeba.... sun worshipers...

still thinking about it.....was she from egypt?...or sumwhere esle?

the link is egypt and the pyramids......and whatever is under the sphinx...


quick brainstorm by myself....
all have valid links

temple of solomon.............queensheeba.......suworshipper s.....egypt.....pharoh....pyramids.......horus.... eye of horus.....all seeing eye...dajaal....

hence dajaal or his symbolism was present at time of solomon

still thinking.......

brains working overtime

more info.....

[Qur'an 27:38]: "Solomon said (to his own men): "Ye Chiefs! which of you can bring me the throne of Queen of Sheba before she and her envoys come to me in submission?""

[Qur'an 27:39]: "Said an 'Ifrit, of the Jinns: "I will bring it to thee before thou rise from thy council: indeed I have full strength for the purpose, and may be trusted.""

[Qur'an 27:40]: "Said one ( who had knowledge of the Book: "I will bring it to thee within the twinkling of any eye!" Then when (Solomon) saw it placed firmly before him, he said: "This is by the grace of my Lord!"..."

The phrase "twinkling of an eye" is translated to mean in a very very short time, i.e. almost instantaneously

The Almighty's greatest name has 73 letters (or parts). Asif ibn Birkhia knew only one letter of it, which enabled him to traverse the earth in the blink of an eye

hence izme azam......unspoken name of god..hiram abiff....ring of solomon......FREE MASONRY

link if there

its all about telportation...

Tay al-Ard

literally "folding up of the earth") is the name for thaumaturgical teleportation in the mystical form of Islamic religious and philosophical tradition. Reynold A. Nicholson uses the words "Telekinesis" and "flying" when describing such keramat (miracles).[1] The concept has been expressed as "traversing the earth without moving"; some have termed it "moving by the earth being displaced under one's feet". It is a concept widely familiar to the Sunnis, Shias and Sufis, each group having a different interpretation on it. This concept has been around for centuries, and was in debate, long before its modern western contemporary counterparts surfaced in scientific and science fiction movies and circles



the root and key to all this is IZME AZAM (Unpoken name of Allah/God)

what im thinking at present....

at the time when the throne was stolen/removed....

the non believers/sun worshoippers were prob in awe of how it disappeared in front of there eyes...

hence to this day are striving to find the source of this power


tell me more about ur findings u said u discovered sumthing really big?

It's not big bro, but it is a doozy as to how it came about.

To explain it to you basically I'll say it in point form:
A close friend asked me if I knew anything about the number 9?
I said no.
He said when you multiply 9 with any other number, the digits always add up to 9.
I freaked out. Then tested it.
9x5=45 ... 4+5=9
9x32=288 ... 2+8+8=18 ... 1+8=9
Now this isn't the amazing part.
This was the beginning of my spiritual journey and what led me to discover many wonderful things.
I went home and looked at what all the other numbers would do.
Nothing that was the same as 9 though.
Then I looked at the reduced numbers of our times table. For example, 6x5=35 ... 3+5=8 etc...and I did this with all the numbers in our tables until we see a repetitious block that looks like this:

I then tried to graph this using the graphing tool in excel.
I tried every graph you can think of and nothing came up.
Then I tried a weird "contour wire-frame" graphing technique and what I saw then made my jaw drop and stare at it for the next 2 hours wondering HOW THE HECK this could happen?
What is it?
It's a picture of one eye!
That's why I've named it "1i" or "OneEye".
I can't attach here so I need your email so I can send it to you.
Or you can view it from another post when I tried showing our ummah. The pic is here.

Tell me what you see in the pupil akhi?
I'll tell you what others have seen so far.
And what I think this really means.

Selam bro!



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05-19-2009, 09:39 AM
Sorry but i think whoever wrote those posts has been watching too many Dan Brown movies.

We must seperate fact from fiction on topics like this.

Here is a good lecture in which Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki expels some of the myths and explains the source of Freemason's power and knowledge, as the Quran and Sunnah told us long before that such groups would arise and help Dajjal, and also what their source of power is,

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

05-19-2009, 05:08 PM
hocus pocus abracadabra, load of time wasting tripe!

05-19-2009, 05:14 PM
Let us not waste time on numerology, predictions, etc. This thread can very easily evolve into a very haraam topic.

Let us stick with the Qur'an and Authenticate Ahadith and leave guess work to those who have time to waste.


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