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View Full Version : trust in Allah: your any personnel experience

06-10-2009, 11:05 AM

when prophet (saws) and abu bakr (ra) were hiding in cave and abu bakr (ra) feared the enemies, prophet (saws) told him that Allah is with them. this is called trust in Allah!

have any of you personally experienced the sweetness of tawakkul Allah?

maybe u can share with us to increase our faith in trust in Allah.

eg. in our family, a source of income was decreased. we were quite worried but had trust in Allah, so after just few weeks, Allah opened another door for the income.

Subhanallah walhumdulillah wa La ilaaha illallah wallaahuakbar

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06-10-2009, 11:39 AM

well i remember when we were going for Hajj we were due to go on a thursday but by tuesday night the guy whod gone to get the visas in saudi still hadnt been issued them and wasnt coming back by then and we had our tickets booked and everything. then we made loads of dua and our tickets were posted to be changed and the guy got them on wednesday. fast forward wednesday morning, alhumdulillah a way was opened for us, and we had to go get our passports from a place like 4 hours away with visa, and get those tickets that were posted and gonna be cancelled and we managed to go on thursday after all through another root Alhumdulillah!!! and it was so wow how one minute we werent going and hadnt packed or closed up house and next minute everything was being frantically done really quickly.

and another time when my grandad was sick and we all wanted to go visit him but ticket availability was like zero because it was peak summer time and we needed a few tickets and it was like ok we arent going subhanAllah, not gonna see grandad ever again :( and then next day dad was just talking to someone and mentioned it and the man said not only could he give him those tickets but the price was also pretty good for the time and then it was like wow SubhanAllah and we got to go, Alhumdulillah Allah opened a way for us.

06-20-2009, 01:29 PM
I know some brothers here in UAE who were put through a great test.

They worked in the army n airforce, they were local brothers. Around last year they made new rules under which it was not allowed to grow a beared, n the brothers with beared either need to shave or will be fired.

It was not as simple as just getting fired , there were rules that could really hurt them n their future n even their graduaityn stuff n allowances, they were going to lose lots of stuff not just the job itself.

The major scholars did not allow them to shave n asked them to Trust Allah , And whoever trusts Allah , Allah will make a way for him and provide for him from where he does not expect.

So subhanAllah , these brothers that i know got fired coz they refused to shave n took heavy losses n subhanAllah they are all doing great now , on eof them is working like three jobs in the hours one would do one job n taking up three salaries MashahAllah May Allah bless him , n the rest are doing well , Allah made ways for them n provided them and compensated them with soo much more. Its amazing how leaving something for the sake of Allah gets replaced by Allah with something WAYYYY better.

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