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06-10-2009, 02:15 PM
i dont need any advise or anything .. i really have to let this out coz i cant keep it to myself anymore. no one is there for me to talk to and even if i had, they wouldnt understand unless they go through it. my dad aint there for me coz he is married and has his own family now and same with my mum. my only brother.. i hardly see him.

im a teenage girl and live with my mum and her husband. i feel lonely sometimes as if am an orphan child. i wished i wasnt born ..why would my mum give birth to me if my life was gonna turn out this way ? i understand with the fact that she is still my mum no matter what. but i thought mothers should understand the feelings of her own child. i tried talking to her about it but then i always turn out to be the wrong one. aint mothers suppose to understand?

sometimes i feel like doing what ever i wanna do and dont listen to anyone even if wat i do is wrong coz why would they care about me when no one has actually got time to spend with me.. the only one i have now is Allah and he knows what im going through.

May Allah help me Inshallah

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06-10-2009, 07:13 PM
salamu 'alaykum,
Being a teenager whether you are an orphan or not is generally difficult.
Once you turn into an adult you will notice that you will get irritated a lot less
and insha'Allah life will turn better.
You know they say "experience is the mother of wisdom". So insha'Allah one day
you will make a great mother. :) You will have seen what it's like to feel that your mother doesn't understand you. Your mother probably didn't feel that way about her own mother so maybe that's why she has a hard time understanding you.

Even though you are not seeking advice, may I suggest something?
Do you know any close friends of your mother? Maybe one of her sisters or cousins, etc. Why not have them talk to your mother about her lack of understanding with you? If there is someone close to your mom that she respects, it could do the trick you know.

- IqRa -
06-11-2009, 08:08 AM
could you not talk to any cousins? could you not make friends from the masjid? could you not meet up with sisters from this forum? lots of options...

06-11-2009, 04:19 PM
I do have cusins to talk to and i do have friends .. basically what im talkin about is at home. i tried talkin to my aunty coz she has been through the same thing as me .. not quite the same but her parents were divorced as well and she was the only child.. but the difference is that her mum didnt marry again. i think there wouldnt be any point of me talking to anyone about it because they wont understand unless they have experienced it.

thnx for your suggestions =)

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