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06-12-2009, 01:51 AM

I will try to cut right down to the chase; I am a currently studying in the field of Architecture & Engineering, which is something I truly love. I am more into the creative side of this field, yet can appreciate the logical processes of "how to build"...

I thought I had made the perfect career choice, until recently, I started thinking about biology. For example, I will be sitting in one of my classes which focuses on Architecture(and its various branches like its mechanics,not the design portion), a bit bored while my mind wonders off somewhere,and as soon as the teacher mentions anything remotely related to biology and the anatomy of the human body, it will capture my attention and I will find it to be the most fascinating thing in the world.

It simply makes you go, "Sub7an'Allah"...and this only lasts a few minutes, since the teacher would be giving an example as to how..I don't know, chemical compounds on work sites may enter the body from various means.

I love biology, I could listen to someone speak of it for hours; the human body is so complex, there's always something new to learn.

I know medicine is an extremely difficult field, and I'd haver to work quite hard and catch up on a class in order to enter it...and after that its a long road ahead, but is it worth it...? You can also help people through Architecture;(founding hospitals or designing water systems in third world countries...) but will the opportunity ever present itself? Is this a realistic dream of mine?

I keep on thinking; i'll stick with Architecture I am comfortable now that I have already entered it and I'm truly scared of switching; but in the end this is my life career and I want to be sure im making the right choice!...I am still young, so I can still switch...

I just don't know if I should.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Note that I will not mention wether I am a woman or man, so that I can get unbiased opinions.

Jazak'Allah Kheir to any replies in Advance.

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