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06-20-2009, 01:32 AM
A question was asked by a sister on another forum about a particular method of "exorcism" which made me wonder if we have covered the signs of a magician...

Ok, what about the raqi writing something with a red marker on the patient's hand and supposedly this hurts the jinn. I don't recall if it was the shahada or something else. It was slightly hard to make out. Anyways, when the guy asked the jinn do you know what I just wrote, the jinn said, "That I'm going to get killed." Then, the guy was like yeah.

What was that about?
i would be very caution about anyone who writes n red.

Magician write thier taweez and contracts with the shaytaan in red ink or blood.

Writing on the hand or writing anything in fact is not established from the Sunnah.

The only thing a raqi might do is write the word Allah in arabic on a paper and ask the jinn to stare at it so it burns his eyes.

But most raqis use a picture or a plate with the name of Allah ascribed on it,
like an ornament.

Signs of A Magician

Don't be surprised to find a magician wearing a taub and with long white beard, tasbih one hand and mushaf in the other- it is only a disguise and a mockery of this deen.

1. If they ask for your mother's maiden name, date of birth, sweaty clothes, hair, blood, nails, hanker chief, then definitely avoid them, only sorcerers ask for that

Note: This is one definate way of exposing the sahir. the mother's name is compleatly useless to the raqi, where as a magician needs it because the jinns who work for him will ask him. Also measuring the length of a clothes to determine if the person is affected with jinn, magic or evil eye= using jinns

2. If they say they have righteous Jinn helping them, then leave them, there is absolutely no way to know if a Jinn is righteous or devil, it would be a devil tricking the exorcists or more common he is a sorcerer seeking devils help

Note: If a raqi does have muslim jinns helping him fight the kuffar jinns, then a raqi will not call the jinns for help or claim to have control over it, rather he will ask Allah to send the mujahideen jinns to kill the kafir jinn inside etc or the muslim jinns will come out of thier own accord.

3. If they write any symbols or unreadable text with or without some verses of the Quran, then leave them (taweez)

Note: Magician for sure.

4. If they use sands in anyway (writing on it, hitting it, walking over it, etc.)

Note: Weird irrational behavior

5. If they ask you to do weird things like slaughtering a black animal or carrying some talismans with you all the time or hiding them in far places

Note: At this point alarm bells should be ringing. If your not out the place by then, then u must have a mental illness or something!!!

6. If they don't attend the regular prayers at the Masjid, usually sorcerers like to be alone, so please ask about them in the Masjid before contacting them.

Note: Not necessarily true. i know a magican who is a mufti and imam of a masjid in Luton.

7. If they demand lots of money for their service, then leave them, usually righteous exorcists do this service for free and don't accept gifts in exchange, some of them however charge reasonable amount of money for their time to be able to help others

Note: Some magicians will say the more you pay me the "better" taweez i can give you, while others just ask you to leave a donation on your way out... both are worse as each other.

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07-04-2009, 11:14 PM
great post :) mashallah

07-05-2009, 01:53 PM
Yeah i think its important to educate people and get the message out to as many people as possible, about the people who are scammers and con artists and worse still a magician one who does magic, works with jinns etc...

There are no shortages of magicians on Birmingham, rest assured.

I saw the main magician of Luton and i was expecting an evil look on him, or a pointed wizard hat with stars, long nails, ugly looking, but instead very surprised at how normal he looked, in fact in his appearance he looked more "Islamic" than me....

That really taught me the true meaning of appearances can be deceptive.

It's common knowledge in Luton who this person is and what he does, but because people are so desperate to get a quick fix solutions to thier problems (just as the magicians promise to give people) they are willing to take any poison given to them....

The solution to every problem is simple- turn back to Allah (swt).

Are your problems to difficult for Allah (the Maintainer of the entire Universe) to solve?

07-05-2009, 02:02 PM
Some people claim that these imam's of the masjid and alim baba etc are so pious and sincere how can they be wrong or do something evil.

In the world of magic its not about appearances, because a magician would never turn up dressed as a wizard, that is just the Disney World exaggeration, rather they wear the cloak of islam, hide thier faces behind big breads etc...

So we do not judge their sincerity or thier heart- we judge them on thier apparent. Thier methods thats they use to treat people.

If the method is using jinns then no matter even if he claims to be the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia= he is still committing acts of kufr an hence not allowed to go to such people for treatment.

Sincerity is not good enough... sincerity with out knowlegde leads to what?- kufr, shirk and bida'.

Do you think the shia are insincere when the curse aisha and her father (ra)?

Do you think the brailvs are insincere when they do milad and call upon thier peers etc for help and join them as partners with Allah (swt)?

NO! They are both very sincere.

First thing we need to know in this argument of black magic and white magic- is, what are they actually doing??

Both write numbers and letters, both ask for the mothers name, both write unreadable things, both claim to be able to figure out your dilemma just by writing things on a piece of paper and doing maths!!

So in the end they both (knowingly or unknowingly) call upon shaytaan, force them, subjugate them and "make" them work for them for good or bad etc...

The one doing white magic is decieved by the shaytaan and pretents to be a jinni mu'min... but no mu'min jinn would every deal with magic in any form.



Now lets take away the words white and black- what are we left with?


Exactly... which is agreed upon unanimously by the scholars of Ahle Sunnah wal Jama' that magic (sihr) is kufr.

"Suleiman (Solomon) did not disbelieve, but the devils disbelieved teaching men magic..."

"... but neither of these two (angles) taught anyone (such things) until they had said: we are only for trial, so don't disbelieve..."

So both learning and teaching magic is kufr.

White and black only a disguise to make people think that there is such this as good magic, and bad magic.

So if you go to the one who claims to do white magic- he too will ask for your mothers name, or hair or something of the type- he too will call upon "his" jinns to go fight or negotiate with the jinns used in black magic.

The stronger of the two parties will win- or in most cases the jinn collude and think why should we fight each other when we can both posses this single body.

So now the person who went to cure thier family member with white magic ends up being possessed by two jinns!

Magic is very crude... its like a shot gum that doesnt work properly- so when you fire it, it hits the target and a few others around him and some of the shrapnel hits you too.

So usually the ones who buy magic end up possessed them selves- the magician wants them to keep coming back to him for more and more taweez...

So either he will be "controlling" the jinns affecting this person in the first place- so if the person doesn't come as often the magician wants or doesn't pay enough the magician makes sure he gets more problems. Or he will send a jinn to possess you so that jinn will constantly tell you to go back to the magician.

The buyers of magic will be destroyed in this life (riddled with jinn problems) and in the Hereafter they will have no share of Jannah.

Allah Knows Best

Ask this sincere person what is he achieving by writing numbers? How can just writing numbers tell you about the situation of a person? ie. if they are affected or not?

What do the numbers represent...

If he is truthful then you will find they are all methods of communicating with the jinns.

Jinns are creatures who are stronger the humans physically (some can fly, move fast, dive deep under water, are invisible) so why would they help us, or allow them selves to be subjugated by human?

They do not help except for an exchange for something...

'And verily, there were men among mankind who took shelter with the males among the jinn, but they (jinn) increased them (mankind) in sin and transgression." (Surah Jinn 72:6)

So you can not SEEK help from jinns except they will mislead you into committing sins, kufr, shirk or haram- sometimes without you even knowing it!!

As for the true muslim jinns we should never call upon them for help, rather we only call upon Allah (swt).

"You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything)." (surah Fatiha 1:5)

Allah Knows Best

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07-09-2009, 06:08 PM
Some magicians will give you paper with stuff written on it, to burn, soak in water or bury...

There is a dispute about weather writing Quran ayat clearly on paper and then soaking it in water and drinking it, is allowed or not. It's better to avoid it and do ruqya on water by reciting Quran ayat on it and then drinking it.

Obviously anything that is written which is NOT clear, meaning scribbles or gibberish writing then this is prohibited.

I know a sister who became possessed after the magician gave her paper to soak in the water.

Another who burned taweez and felt the jinn jump in to her body.

Another who bathed with some dirty water for 7 days ect...

Mufti Hannan (the main well known magician) from Luton gives such papers for people to soak and drink every morning. And asks for the mothers name and gives taweez etc.

As for the method of burning... definatly if anyone gives you papers to burn, keep away from them. They can be photocopies, not necesarriy hand written. Magicians can be a bit lazy, unless you pay them money they might not bother to give you a genuine taweez- and if you use it you become possessed.

Bit ironic really. Paying someone to get possessed.

I know one or two trust worthy raqis who burn bakhoor in thier own homes, and during ruqya session- bakhoor that they have read Quran upon.

I use ruqya bakhoor in my own home because i know it is effective and harms the jinns, but i refuse to use it during ruqya sessions, because it will create confusion amongst the people as to who is the real trustworthy people who do ruqya- if both the raqi and magicain burn incense during treatment.

It has been mentioned by the scholars who specialize in ruqya that magicians burn incense sticks to attract the jinns.

Allah Knows Best

08-26-2009, 06:39 AM
Jazak-Allah..... Thank you. This is important because many people are still ignorant and not clear about it.

08-26-2009, 07:14 AM
barak Allah fi kum

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