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06-22-2009, 09:01 PM
RabiAakahrPehliTarikh5 -

The bohras are am ethnic group in India and Pakistan, originally a hindu caste, most of whom today are Mustali ISMAILIS. They are under the leadership of a Da'i Mutlaq, or "Absolute Preacher." They were created in the 11th Century C.E. Most bohras are Daudi Ismailis, and they are the ones covered here. Their headquarters is in Bombay.

Amongst the notable beliefs of the bohra which have taken them outside the Muslim ummah are:

1) The Quran is False

Bohras believe that when Umar(ra) was collecting the quran, he omitted parts of it relating to Ali(ra) being the real Caliph. They believe they alone posess the 'real' quran, and it is with their Da'i Mutlaq.

Real muslims completely refute the claims of the bohra concerning the false quran, there is no evidence for it what so ever, and is clearly a lie made up by the enemies of Islam; the bohras.

2) Lying and Concealment of Belief

This is an essential part of the bohra faith. It is an everyday practise, the bohras believe that if one of them tells the truth about their religion, such as the false quran, he has committed a great sin and will be expelled from their community. Bohras also believe they gain reward from decieving Muslims, and making the character of muslims look bad.

Lying has no place in islam at all. Honesty is one of the most important Islamic virtues. A muslim can only conceal his faith in matters of life or death, not in everyday activity as the bohra do. Once agains the difference between muslims and bohra is shown.

3) Reincarnation

The bohras believe that their leader is a reincarnation of the previous leader, who was initially a reincarnation of Ali(ra).

Reincarnation has no place in islam, and is a Hindu concept.

4) All non-Bohras are Non-muslim

The bohra believe that they are the only muslims. They have an intense hatred of Sunni Muslims, but also of Shias, whom they claim to be a part of. They will not reveal this because of their concept of concealment, but it can be noticed in their devious behaviour.

Hatred is not a part of islam. Islam teaches tolerance amongst mankind, and love of your fellow human being. Once again we see why the bohras are not part of Islam, and should not claim to be.

source: http://www.geocities.com/defender_of...uth/Bohra.html

My friend who is following this sect told me they considered Umar Ibn Al hkattab and Abu Bakr to be bad guys...she doesnt know why, but thats what she's been taught.

What are your views on this?

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