View Full Version : why we are neglecting Tawheed?

06-27-2009, 07:31 AM

of 23 years of Quranic revelation, 13 years were spent in teaching mankind about Allah, paradise, hell, judgment day.

when the muslims heart became strong, other rules and regulations were sent down.

but nowadays, everybody (even most scholars) focus on do's and dont's in Islam. we are not focusing on why should we be good muslims.

thats why we see that islam is being taken as burden. there is no aim of Allah's pleasure and Paradise, so even small things seems very hard.

once we understand about Allah and His paradise n hell, even major acts can be done easily.

and Allah is the source of guidance

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07-05-2009, 01:56 PM
AFTER teaching his book “Kitab at-Tawheed” to his students for a couple of times or more, Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhaab wanted to repeat it again.

His students said, “O Sheikh, we wish to study another book, a book of Fiqh or Hadith.” The Sheikh asked, “Why?”. His students said, “We have understood Tawheed. We want to study another science.” The Sheikh replied, “Wait, I shall give some thought to this.”

A few days later, the Sheikh came to class with a troubled face. His students asked him for the reason. The Sheikh said he had come across something that angered him. “It has been related to me that the inhabitants of a house sacrificed a rooster (for a Jinn) in front of their door. I have sent someone to confirm this affair.” Few days later, the Sheikh said, “They did not sacrifice for other than Allah, but it was someone who fornicated with his mother.”

Shocked, his students exclaimed, “We seek refuge with Allah! He fornicated with his mother?!! We seek refuge with Allah! He fornicated with his mother…”. Sheikh-Al-Islam then showed them the ignorance of their statement – “We understood Tawheed” – and that this was one of the greatest tricks of Satan. The students exclaimed and expressed anger on hearing a great sin, but their hearts were not angered when a Major Shirk, sacrificing to other than Allah, that exits one from Islam was mentioned. They took a major sin to be greater than Shirk.

This also happens today. We are angered when we see great sins (which is good), but when we hear or see people doings acts of Shirk al-Akbar (Major Shirk) it does not move our hearts. This proves our ignorance. It proves that we have not understood Tawheed.

One of the Salaf, Imam Abu Al-Aliyah rahimahullah said, “I would travel for days to meet a man and the first thing I would notice about him is his prayer. If he would establish the prayer perfectly and on time, I would stay with him and hear the knowledge he had. If I found him to be careless concerning the prayer, I would leave him and say to myself that for things other than the prayer, he would be even more careless.” (Hilyat Al-Awliya, 2/312)



Do we get upset when we see shirk in muslims n non muslims?

We should really check our own tawheed at times , how much do we care About Allah's Monotheism.

Abdul Fattah
07-05-2009, 06:50 PM
Selam aleykum
I totally agree. There are so many small shirks, and people seem to be completely unaware of it. There doesn't go by a day, where the shaytan doesn't try to lure me in the trap of shirk. May Allah subhana wa ta'ala protect us from such ignorance, and guide us to tawheed.

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