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View Full Version : How much muslim ?

06-29-2009, 09:51 AM

Not having the sharia law implemented, can we call ourselves true muslims ?


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06-29-2009, 10:36 AM

When I saw the thread title, I had to comment. That's how my son says it, " Mama everyone in my class like music they are not very muslims, they are little muslims" or " Mama this man is very muslim right? he even has a beard!!". The how much muslims comment is passed by him sometimes. He is 6 years old.

As for the Shariah law.

I think that on one hand Shariah Law is very very important for muslims to live under if the leader is capable and knowledgeable and also knows how to rule. These kind of people do not cease to exist in the word today, alhadolillah there are many exceptional people who can handle to rule all those majority muslim countries.

On the other hand, our whole faith is based on ikhlaas, niyyah. Infact a person even becomes a muslims just by believing and proclaiming the belief. In some cases evenif he doesnt proclaim but he believes and act on it. the core of the action is belief without which the action is void, it goes around the other way too where the belief is void ( in most scholars opinions) without action.

We cannot be true muslims unless our beliefs are sound and we act upon them by our own will and love of submission to Allah.
As Allah says in the quran the property of momineen is:
" sami'na wa ata'na" ( we hear and we obey)

we shouldn't wait for a ruler to force us to follow islam, we should follow islam ourselves, only then can we be true muslims.

We must try and gain the knowledge of islam our selves from good sources and then implement it as soon as possible and have taqwa ( fear/hope of Allah).

That is what will make us true muslims, as Abdur Raheem Green said in a lecture, the muslims of today, us we blame everything in the world for our problems but our own sleves, I am definately one of them and I think all of us are too.

Once we correct ourselves, Allah will reward us with a good leader, InshaAllah.

May Allah guide our hearts and limbs to islam, ameen

06-29-2009, 10:49 AM

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