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07-03-2009, 11:34 AM
I bet thats news to ya'all

Anyway, basically each account has to be approved so I'm not too worried about spammers, its just idiots with their idiotic usernames. I come online each day and find about 25+ new registered users waiting approval....all of them are worthy of being chucked into the trash can. I just deleted them 5 mins ago and now 10 more are in the process of registering. All fools

That cant be normal can it? I mean I'm sure that doesnt happen on Ummah or LI? Having guests view the board is one thing but ... Allahu A'lam. Can bots sign up or something btw? I'm sure there's an image string verification thing but is there anything else I can add to ensure we only get normal homo sapiens registering?

in advance


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