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07-14-2009, 01:51 PM
Ibn `Abbas (radiallahu `anh) said:

There are three verses in the Qur`an which are associated with three things and none is accepted if the other is missing.

The first one:

Allah says {obey Allah and obey the Messenger};

so whomever obeys Allah but disobeys the Messenger (salallahu alayhe wassallam), his obedience to Allah will not be accepted.

The second one:

Allah says {Offer salaat and give zakaat};

so whoever offers salaat but refuses to give zakaat. Allah will not accept from him.

The third one:

Allah says {give thanks to me and to your parents};

so whoever gives thanks to Allah and does not give it to his parents, Allah will not accept that from him. Therefore, the Prophet (salallahu `alayhe wassallam) said: ‘If your parents are pleased with you, Allah too will be pleaed with you, and if your parents are displeased with you, Allah too will be displeased with you. “

Imam adh-Dhahabi ‘al-Kaba`ir’


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