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07-30-2009, 03:29 PM
I am a boy of 21 years living in Denmark, as with all my heart wants to get guidance.

I believe in God and only God, but I have to admit that I can not call myself a Muslim, I believe in God - Allah, I am a Muslim in the sense that I believe in Allah is the only god in this world.
- But I have just not listed me as a Muslim, I have been "brainwashed" by living in this hateful world.

Every time I try to take me along comes the so-called "friends" and get me in some way persuaded me to do other than to be with God or go to the mosque and learn Quran.

Why do I know my condition here? Because I believe and hope in is not judicial, but that it is only God who condemns and punishes one.
I would dearly like to change me, I want to move from this world of pure mind, with faith in God and what happens after that I can call myself a true Muslim.

I would like away from Denmark, to learn Quran as well as our religion.
- I would like to an Arabic country and 100 percent in favor of becoming a right faithful Muslim

So here comes my question.
- What Arab country should I go to, to learn Quran and religion and to become a better person.

I'm easy to learn and is willing to sacrifice in order to learn.

What should I consider before I can effectively get out and learn?

Who should I contact? Who should I write to?
Where is there a Quran school? What are the options for me?

I hope very much one of you can help me with my questions.

- Excuse my English writing is not as good, have used the help of google translate and hope to understand it.

Mahad Mohammed
You can write back here or to my e-mail: Email address removed.

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Muslim Woman
07-30-2009, 03:42 PM

Welcome to the forum ; Welcome to Islam ...are u a revert ??

May Allah make you easy for u to learn about Quran . Did u try to contact any local mosque or embassy of Muslim majority country if any scholarship is available ?

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