View Full Version : transfer of Itunes from one computer to another

08-16-2009, 06:51 PM

bear in mind that I am computer un-savvy thus pls refrain from giving me a very complicated formula..
I have gone through quite a few laptops through the years, and have always had my itunes on my desktop... now it appears my desktop is on its last breath.. I try to transfer itunes to my laptop but it only accepts half or few of the contents..

I didn't purchase anything through itunes, mostly are my own CD's which I have since donated or Quran downloaded directly or audio books or photos.. I WILL NOT TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK FOR THOSE AND PUT THEM ON LAPTOP.. I just want my itunes to transfer from itouch to laptop without some convoluted route..

I wonder why apple makes this so difficult.. is it so that they can make money by constantly making you pay for the same stuff over and over? it is rather irritating..

any FREE solution pls?


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