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08-22-2009, 02:51 PM

I was listening to a lecture about Abu Bakr Radi Allah hu anhu, subhan'Allah what an amazing figure he was to our Ummah.

The Shiekh giving the lecture, lists 5 characterstics of Abu Bakr which correlate Our Prophet's characteristic [peace be upon him] but he lists them in Arabic and I was hoping someone could translate those 5 characteristics for me insha'Allah

[if you go to CD 3 and listen to Reflecting on Abu Bakr, around the 7 minutes into the talk he lists the characteristics.

JazakAllah khair

Ramadhan Kareem
insha'Allah we can reap immense Rewards and Barakah from this blessed month. May the Almighty be pleased with our efforts and May he continue to guide us through the straight path.

insha'Allah the Almighty brings you all and your family nothing but good in this blessed month and always. May He allow us to rectify our lives in the duniya so it is a life of Piety and Virtue

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08-25-2009, 12:33 PM

incase anyone is wondering what the translation, here it is:

you help the destitute earn their livings, and you keep good relations with your Kith and kin, help the weak and poor, entertain guests generously, and help the calamity-stricken persons."

These are the 5 characteristics Our Prophet and Abu Bakr shared. [Peace and Blessings me upon them both]

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