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08-30-2009, 08:52 PM
Shaykh Al Albani said:

Commenting on the hadith of the Messenger of Allah (SAW):

"Verily, all of you if you bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah, perform the prayer, pay the Zakah, SEPARATE yourselves for the mushrikeen (disbelievers, Non Muslims, Polytheist, etc), give the fifth of the war booty, and the share for the Prophet, and that which he selects from the war booty before it is distributed, you are safe with the protection of Allah, and the protection of his Messenger."

Shaykh Al Albani commented, saying:

"And verily, from that which is to be extremely saddened about is that those who embrace Islam in this present time period - despite their large number, and all praise is due to Allah - they dont conform with this ruling of separating themselves and migrating to the lands of Islam, except for a small portion of them, and I trace the reason back to two matters:

The first is their greed for the dunya and the easy means of living and luxury in their lands, resulting fron their living a materialistic life of joy that has no spirituality in it, as is well known. So it is actually difficult for them to move to an Islamic land in which the means of a decent life may not be sufficient for them, in their viewpoint.

The second - and it is more significant - is their ignorance of this ruling, and they are excused in that, because they do not hear anything regarding it from any of the callers whose words are publicized and translated into some of the foreign languages, nor do they hear it from those who go to them in hte name of Da'wah, because most of them are not knowledgeable in the rulings of Islam.. Rather, they cling more to their lands, going to to the lands of disbelief. So , from where are those people who Allah guided to Islam going to know the likes of this ruling, while the Muslims themselves are acting contrary to it?

Indeed, let these people know and those people know that Hijrah continues to exist just like Jihad, for he has said: "Hijrah does not cease as long as the enemy is fought". And in another Hadith: "Hijrah will not cease until repentance ceases, and repentance will not cease until the Sun rises form the West".

..Also, from that should be known is that Hijrah is of different types, and is for numerous reasons, and for it's explanation, there is a more appopriate place. What is more important here to know that migration from the lands of disbelief to the lands of Islam is obligatory, no matter how much the rulers in these lands have deviated form Islam, or have been negligent in implementing its rulings, as these lands are much better than the lands of disbelief in terms of character, relgiious practice, and cultural behavior - no matter how you look - even with what the Muslim lands are descibed with...

Taken from 'Silsilat al-Ahadtih as-Salihah' (commentary to hadith #2857)

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