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View Full Version : Do something amazing for just £30! Nepal 2009

09-13-2009, 02:05 PM

Muhammad (saw) said “Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, like a sparrow’s nest or even smaller, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise"

It is truly amazing how little it can cost to provide a community with a much needed mosque, and the opportunity to help provide this is a real blessing from Allah.

Alhumdulilah by the grace of Allah, myself and a group of volunteers have got to together to launch our third Ramadan Mosque Appeal. We have already helped to build large community mosques in both Gambia and Guinea Bissau, full feedback reports and images are on our website here at www.mosqueappeal.org

This year's Mosque Appeal is focused on the rebuilding of a Mosque in Nepal. The village, Hazminiya Derbar lies in Rautahat district where Muslims are densely populated. They currently use one hut like house as a mosque which is completely inadequate. The existing mosque, is extremely old, is both too small to meet the needs of the community and is dilapidated, requiring constant maintenance.

We need to raise at least £9,000 insha'Allah for the construction of this mosque which will allow up to 300 people to pray at any one time. Put it another way just £30 will pay for the prayer space for one person for as long as the mosque remains in operation, so even a small donation can go a long way!

Action required

Please support this project and make this mosque a reality both donating and through your dua. We need you to spread the word insha’Allah by using all the information that we have provided on the website to encourage your friends, relatives, colleagues to get involved and donate as well. Insha'Allah you'll be rewarded also for everyone you get to contribute to the project.

So please visit our website at www.mosqueappeal.org and help build a mosque in Nepal and a house for yourself in Jannah Insha'Allah


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