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Ummu Sufyaan
09-27-2009, 01:08 PM
*rahimahullah*...in a way, this is quote funny...

Imam Abu Yusuf’s last moments

Ibraaheem Ibn Jarraah says : “I came to visit Imam Abu Yusuf during his final illness. He was unconscious but he opened his eyes and looked at me.

He then asked : “O Ibraaheem, is it better for a person performing Haj to stone the Jamaraat while on foot or on a conveyance?”
I replied : “On foot.”
He answered : “That is incorrect.”
I then replied : “On a conveyance.”
Again he replied : “That is incorrect.”

He then proceeded to give the correct answer himself : “If after pelting one stands to make dua, then it would be better to be on foot. But, if after pelting one does not remain to make dua, then it would be better to be on a conveyance.”

I rose to leave, but I had not even reached the door of his home when I heard the women of the household cry that he had passed away. Had there been anything more beloved to him than discussing the knowledge of Islam he would surely have engaged in it at this critical time as this was a time of distress and sadness.”

(Al-Bahr ur-Raaiq, Fathul Qadeer)

Al-Bahr ur-Raaiq, Fathul Qadeer
^btw, what are they?^

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