View Full Version : Small Story: Perfume and Animal Dung

10-26-2009, 08:29 AM
Once upon a time, a person was going thru a market. there he smelt beautiful perfume frm a perfume seller. and in no time, he became unconscious and fell down.

ppl were astonished and amazed. after sometime his brother came to know about this. he understood the matter and brought a piece of dung and made him smell it. strangely, he regained his consciousness.

ppl could not understand this that how can a man became conscious by smelling such a filthy odour.so his brother explained that his brother is tanner and is adapted to bad smell. so when he smelt perfume, he could not tolerate it.

Moral: due to our social atmosphere, our minds and souls have been corrupted. thats why we like music, movies, dating, backbiting.etc but dislike Quran's recitation, beard/niqab, prayers in masjid, marriage commitment.etc.


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