View Full Version : Italian Muslims?

10-28-2009, 06:04 AM
It's funny, most of whom i talk to in church can't believe that thier are Muslim Italians! Especially living around Vatican city. people perplex me sometimes. my uncle called the other day to tell me about his lunch after church with thier Muslim friends(no the Muslims didn't go to the church. just lunch) and a friend of mine or so i thaught, said that was wrong.Is it, i don't understand, why a christian and a Muslim can't engage in intelligent converstation, or better yet be friends? The Muslim family watches my uncles kids all the time. Thier kids have grown up together for 6 years! some say this is wrong, why? do they think my uncles kids are going to catch a Isalmic cold or something? Or be brain washed? What about thier kids? can they catch a Christian disease or something?It's different hear in the US i guess. What do you think?

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