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10-31-2009, 01:03 AM

check out these cool tools just finished work on theme if your a webmaster have a blog or website you will need them:D

Newest Tools

Veoh To DIVX Streamer
Stream the original divx/avi files from Veoh with this tool! Plus instructions how to link to different videos on veoh! if you still did not get it this will play normal flv file into divx video so you will be able to watch high quality ...

Online Video Converter
You can upload video files (1 video for 1 conversion session, 10-minute length, 100MB total maximum file size) and it's converted and notification is sent back to the email address provided. You don�t need to do anything, and it doesn�...

Megaupload Streamer Generator
Add MU links to stream or generate a player for your site/blog. MU over 1GB will not currently work.

Youtube HD Embed Generator
This tool makes it easy to embed youtube HD Videos which will atuomatically play in high definiton without needing to have to switch it to HD first. It only works for videos that are youtube HD.

DivX Web Player Code Generator
The DivX Web Code Generator allows you to create a small piece of code that can be inserted into your website to display and playback DivX videos. If you can copy and paste, you have enough know-how to stream a DivX video from your site....

hope you guys like this other wise imsad:p

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