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abu anas somali
11-04-2009, 11:52 AM

Welcome to a new series of Lectures entitled : Al-Fareed Fee Mukhtasar [a summary of the unique] Aqeedah as saheeh [ correct islamic aqeedah ] and this is From the Wajibat al-Mutahtimat al-Ma’rifah ‘ala kulli Muslim wal Muslimah [the formost obligatory duties about which every muslim and muslimah must have knowledge].

The importance of studying any topic is directly proportional to its benefit or its harm. Hence the usefulness greatens the benefit of studying it, and the danger or peril of the topic greatens the benefit of studying the topic in order to safeguard oneself from the danger. It is a well known fact that one is unable to protect self from harm unless it is known that the particular issue is harmful. E.g. doctors/scientist spends great lengths of time studying diseases and illnesses in order that they have understanding of it and discover cures to prevent it.

The aim of the Deen of Islam is to provide benefit and prevent harm. And the greatest benefit is Tawheed and the vilest harm is Shirk.

In these sessions we shall aim to make a comprehensive study of the Islamic Aqeedah for Muslims and New Muslims Alike..

All Sessions will be updated every Wednesday [ Inshallah ] , and shall be available to view online in 720p HD Video Recording as well available to download in both Audio & Video Format.

First Session is available to view and download now


Updated every Wednesday Inshallah


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abu anas somali
11-18-2009, 05:23 PM
Part 3 Available now to view online as well to download


Part 4 coming soon

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