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View Full Version : Our Islamic .COM is Looking for Brothers and Sisters to Moderate!

12-10-2009, 02:26 AM
NOTE: You do not have to be Muslims in order to moderate!

Salam brothers and sisters,

Our Islamic .COM (http://www.OurIslamic.com) is looking for brothers and sisters who would like to moderate on the forum.

Here is the "structure" of the forum:

Bold are the categories, and the name of the forum will be under the category with a dash (-).


-Forum Name

Category 2
-Forum Name
-Forum Name


-General Chat
-Free Downloads

-Islamic Stories

-Issues and Advice
-Exchange Links

Entertainment and Media
-Images and Videos
-Hobbies and Extracurricular Activities (Child Board: Sports)


Currently, we have three global moderators, one administrator, and one lead admin.

We are looking for four category moderators (one for each category) and one moderator for each individual forum (for Hobbies and Extracurricular activities, the child board (sports) is included).


Lead Admin:


Global Moderator:

Category Moderator:
1. General - OPEN
2. Islam - OPEN
3. Community - OPEN
4. Enterainment and Media - OPEN

Forum Moderator:
1. General - OPEN
2. Introductions - OPEN
3. Free Downloads - OPEN
4. Hadith - OPEN
5. Islamic Stories - OPEN
6. Issues and Advice - OPEN
7. Questions - OPEN
8. Non-Muslims - OPEN
9. Exchange Links - OPEN
10. Comical - OPEN
11. Images and Videos - OPEN
12. Hobbies and Extracurricular Activities (Childboard: Sports) - OPEN

Qualities of a moderator:

1) They must be people who help others with problems, promote and sustain our communities by posting good, intelligent posts.

2) These are people who are usually at a steady "Calm" and don't bounce from highs to lows on the forum (moody).

3) They demonstrate that they can take flames, deal with others in a respectful manner, be objective and in general, promote a friendlier atmosphere on the community. When they post, they post something worth while.

4) They adhere to the forum rules - what might be borderline in a regular poster is in NO way appropriate for a moderator. They can be held to the "higher standard" expected from moderators.

5) They can represent Our Islamic .COM on the boards, even upholding policies that they may not agree with.

6) Work well and professionally in a team.

Here is the official application:

You can fill it out on our forum or over here :).

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