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12-15-2009, 09:03 PM

Assalamu alykum,

eAalim.Com is pleased to announce a 3-days free lecture series, ‘The Final Days’. This event will have different speakers who will cover the topics of “The Return Of Isa (a.s)”, “Signs of the hour” And "Emergence Of The Dajjal”. The lectures will be LIVE in our advanced interactive virtual classroom where you will be able to listen, speak (via microphone), watch (via webcam), and view a shared whiteboard where the speakers will display notes and explanation for the lecture.

1st Lecture Title: Dajjal-The antichrist
Venue: eAalim Online Classroom
Date: Friday, Dec 25th 09
Time: 8:00 PM (GMT)
Speaker: Shaykh Sulaiman Ghani
* Who is Dajjal?
o His descriptions and characteristics
* What will he do?
o The fitaan that he will bring
o How to protect ourselves and family from his fitaan
* The clash between him and Isa (a.s )
o Why and where will this battle take place?
o Who will be part of the forces (other than dajjal and Isa) that will be part of this battle?
o How will the battle end/How will dajjal be killed?
__________________________________________________ _________________

2nd Lecture Title: The Return of Jesus (as)
Venue: eAalim Online Classroom
Date: Saturday, Dec 26th 09
Time: 8:00 PM (GMT)
Speaker: Shaykh Mujahid Ali
* Brief intro into Isa (a.s)
o A brief introduction about the life of Isa and his mother Maryam
* Clearing up misconception about him (this is for any non muslim that might attend the event)
o Jesus being messenger of Allah and not son of god or god himself
o Jesus ascension into Jannah before he was cruxified
* When/How will he return
o Description of Isa return from the Quran and Sunnah
o Description of Isa
o Will he return as a prophet or normal human being just like us
* Why he returns and what will he do
o The eradication of fitaan by Isa
o His clash with Dajjal

__________________________________________________ _________________

3rd Lecture Title: Signs of the Hour
Venue: eAalim Online Classroom
Date: Sunday, Dec 27th 09
Time: 8:00 PM (GMT)
Speaker: Imam Abdul Qadir Md

To register FREE in the upcoming live lectures , please CLICK HERE

For updates of latest free lectures, visit our blog http://eaalim.com/blog. Please forward this message to your friends and relatives. May Allah reward you.

eAalim Online Institute

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12-21-2009, 07:59 PM
5 days left for registration

Registration in this event is still open. Click here to Register Now for free!

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