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01-20-2010, 10:49 PM
There are certain so-called 'Muslims' who do not believe in the Day of Qiyaamah. Below are references to Surahs upholding Allah Taa'la's command to witness AL-QIYAAMAH!

(The Resurrection): Ayah 1-2

Al-Qiyaamah (The Resurrection): Ayah 3-4

Al-Qiyaamah (The Resurrection): Ayah 5-6

Al-Qiyaamah (The Resurrection): Ayah 7-10

Al-Qiyaamaah (The Resurrection): Ayah 11-13

Al-Qiyaaamah (The Resurrection): Ayah 14-15

Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection): Ayah 16-19

Al-Qiyaamah (The Resurrection): Ayah 20-21

Al-Qiyaamah (The Resurrection): Ayah 22-25

Al-Qiyaamah (The Resurrection): Ayah 26-30

Al-Qiyaamah (The Resurrection): Ayah 31-35

Al-Qiyaamah (The Resurrection): Ayah 36-40

Winds Of Qiyaamah Are Blowing (Faatir)

Your Hands Will Speak (Fussilat)

Angels Sent Have Arrived (Al Mursalat)

Regions Within Revealed (Fussilat)

Sun And Moon Joined Together (Al-Qiyaamah)

Allah's Iron Has Been Delivered (Al Hadaid)

Revelation Of Light Completed (Al Saf)

Mighty Blast On Earth Announced (Qaaf)

Mighty Blast In Sky Has Occurred (Qaaf)

Children Of Israel Gathered (Al Isra')

Kitab Al Munir Identified (Al Hajj)

Ruh Of Allah Explained In Detail (Al Isra)

Baptism Of Allah (Al Baqarah)

Allah Will Not Address Them (Al Baqarah)

The Dealers In Fraud (Al Mutaffun)

The Day You Were Not Aware (Al Rum)

What Will Explain To Thee? (Al Infitar)

My Messengers Must Prevail (Al Mujadidah)

Night Of Power And Fate (Al Qadr)

Day Of Noise and Clamour (Al Qaariah)

The Night Visitant (Al Taariq)

Second Coming (Al Zukhruf)

Caller From Within (Qaaf)

Blasts Of Truth (Qaaf)

Fear My Warning (Qaaf)

Deliver Warning (Al Muddaththir)

The Holy Qu'ran mentions the duration of the Day of Qiyaamah as 50,000 years!

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