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01-21-2010, 10:32 AM
Western Sunrise
Islamic History of Africa, Andalus, America
Taught by world-renowned scholar
Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick

History is often told from the perspective of the conqueror:

Ancient maps depicting exaggerated sizes of the European continent; stories told from a Euro-centric perspective; significant chunks in timelines distorted or removed entirely to cover up empowering truths.

The timely discovery of a shocking untold story finally unravels
in AlMaghrib Institute’s unparalleled double-weekend seminar
The world will never look the same as you uncover its secrets thought to have long been lost.

Why even study history? Truly understanding where we come from and the achievements of Muslims before us strengthens our resolve in the face of global and individual trials and tribulations. Extracting lessons with a learned teacher from our very rich history paves the road for fruitful future for our Ummah, inshaAllah.

Re-establish the bond with your noble ancestry and reconnect with those who walked these Western lands so long ago.

The footprints in the sand once washed away by the sea will reappear once again at the dawn of the

Western Sunrise
February 19 – 22 & 27 – 28 2010
London UK
Qabeelat Al-Shams - www.qshams.org


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