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View Full Version : The Vote to Jahanum

abu anas somali
03-15-2010, 08:55 PM
Britain is set for another general election and the controversy surrounding the ‘Muslim vote’ is as contentious as ever. There are many motives and incentives to tempt a Muslim to vote and many in the community feel that it is a civil duty. MPs promote voting to Muslims as ‘a means to an end’: whether to protest against the war, keep the BNP at bay, or just to hope that the least evil government reaches power.

Many argue that it is permissible to enter as an MP into the parliament for the sake of interest and benefit, others argue that we are under duress, however what is the Islamic hukm with regards to this, is this a grey area, or one where Allah swt does not share in his legislation at all?

Abu Waleed dissects this topic from its foundation in the lecture, The Vote to Jahanum.

Available to download now in MP3


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