View Full Version : Abbas's militia quell a demonstration in Bethlehem on behalf of IOF

03-27-2010, 01:21 PM
Peace Mercy And Blessing of Allah be upon all of us.

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)-- Abbas's militia on Thursday quelled a demonstration, in the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, against the opening of the ruin synagogue just meters from the Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said that large numbers of PA security men used truncheons and threatened to use live bullets against participants in the demonstration.

The security men did not allow the demonstrators to reach the Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque, which is also under Israeli occupation attack, as it was recently placed on the Israeli list of Jewish heritage.

This is not the first time that Abbas's militia stand in the face of Palestinians wanting to demonstrate against Israeli occupation crimes.

Meanwhile, al-Bayan Media Centre reported on Thursday that the PA in Ramallah took a decision to prevent the start of a new intifada against the Israeli occupation in the West Bank.

The centre also reported that Abbas's militia has arrested a number of young Palestinians (16 to 22 years of age) who took part in demonstrations against Israeli occupation crimes and asked them make pledges not to take part in any demonstrations as a condition for their release.

There are also reports from local people in various parts of the West Bank that scores of young people have received summonses to attend PA interrogation centres in Bablus, al-Khalil, Tulkarem and Qalqilya.

Mosque preachers, who urged the people to support their brothers in Jerusalem, have not been saved such summonses.

Abbas's militia further warned Mosque Imams against heeding the call of the International Union of Muslim Scholars to make Friday a day of rage in support of the Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.

Israeli security officials are very pleased with the performance of Abbas's militia in aborting the breakout of a new intifada according to an Israeli radio broadcast.

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