View Full Version : FBI uses false lies, heavy-handed tactics to oppress Muslims in America

04-01-2010, 10:04 PM
Courageous Imam Needs Your Help

When the FBI asked Imam Foad Farahi for his help in fighting terrorism, he was more than happy to do his part for his adopted country. But when they asked him to spy in secret, to deceive his community members, he refused. He told them that he was an open book, and that goes for informing his community of any dealings with law enforcement.

The FBI knew Imam Farahi had applied for political asylum, so they offered him permanent residency and money. Still, the imam held fast to his principles and refused to deceive his community.

In response to Imam Farahi's refusal to become a secret informant, the FBI falsely accused him of being linked to terrorists and are attempting to deport him.

Now, after much legal struggle, Imam Farahi is facing mounting legal fees while fighting the government's attempt to deport him - despite the fact that he has broken no laws, has no links to terrorists, and has internationally recognized grounds for his political asylum petition.

This courageous imam stood up to unfair, heavy-handed tactics used to oppress Muslims in America. Now he needs your help.

Separation of church and state is a hallmark of American freedom. By attempting to take advantage of the vulnerability of immigration statuses, the FBI is attempting to turn your imams into spies. This is a direct assault on your freedom to worship without fear in America. Support freedom with a tax-deductible donation to the Muslim Legal Fund of America.

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