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Ummu Sufyaan
04-07-2010, 06:32 AM
ive been thinking something over the past few days and need some opinions.

why is it to us people such as big issue that we pass this life, without having attained a particular goal we we may want. im not saying these goals are bad to have, or that we shouldn't have them, but really, what's the big issue if we arent fortunate enough to be blessed with them...what if Allah HASNT decreed for us what we may want?

what is the big issue if we fail uni, or if we dont pass high-school or get that job that we want or get married, settle down and have kids? so what if we dont get the house or car we want? so what if our parents dont agree with a particular idea we may have (within reasons), and thus we may have to sacrifice our own ego for them.
i mean as long as we get to jannah in the end, isn't that all that matters? jannah is all that matters, right?

this dunya only lasts such a short time, and if you consider your life till now, how much do you actually remember it or have really appreciated it? i dont mean 'appreciate' in the sense that since life is so short, we make the most of it by enriching it spending it in acts of ibaadah, but if life is really so important to us, then why dont we remember it? common sense would dictate that since we love something so much and it was so important to us, then we would remember it? but we dont remember hardly any of it, innit.

why are these goals so important for us to achieve and attain? why is it such a big issue for us if we dont reach our goals.

why cant we accept things the way they are and why do we grieve over what has/hasn't been written for us :?

and another thing, why do us, as Muslims, care what others think of us? why cant we wear our hijabs/niqaabs to please our lord, no matter what others think? why cant a brother grow his beard with out worrying what people think.

why cant we seriously and sincerely worship Allah and represent Islam no matter where we are and what sort of environment we may be in? why must we always be so worried about pleasing others :? dont get me wrong, im like this myself to an extent, and just thinking out loud really. how do you seriosuly get rid of this awful heart disease :hmm:

again, as long as you reach jannah, that's all that should matter, right?

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Soulja Girl
04-07-2010, 02:27 PM

Hmm.. yea, I sometimes wonder that too.. us reachin to Jannah should be our first priority, nufin else should distract us from the aakhirah nor should wah ppl gotta say matter to us.. yet as humans, & because of our nature, we sometimes forget our main purpose of life & we get busy wiv teh worldly stuff.. we're too weak.. we need reminders & stuffs! How to get rid of this awful heart disease? I duno, like I said, reminders.. that we're only here for a short time.. we can't guarantee tomorrow.. Take for an example a driver.. he maybe tawkin/eatin wahever yet he'll always be aware of what's goin on on teh roads & he'll know he's gotta reach his destination.. similarly us bein Muslims, we should carry on wiv our daily lives.. yet that shouldn't divert our attention away from teh aakhirah.. we gotta always be aware that death can come take us away any time.. so at teh same time prepare for teh next world.. get meh? =)..

longest post I've ever written I fink :exhausted


04-07-2010, 05:16 PM
Good reflections sister Ummu Sufyaan !
Yes going to jannah must be the first priority. This life is just a short exam, and its nothing compared with our eternal life in the hereafter.

All I can say is that we have a lack of Imaan.
We are all muslims, yes we know about the jannah, we know Allah exists, but we don't really feel Allah's existence with us. That's because humans are always thinking materially. They can't believe in something they're not touching or seing. Even if we understand that Allah exists and he is dominant, we quickly forget this truth when we get busy about dunya and money and everything.

04-07-2010, 07:00 PM
heres what it comes down to. the people you describe are ones who trust Allah completely. a rare breed.

i used to wonder if we know for definite that Jannah exists why dont we just go to a forest and spend all day worshipping Allah?

most people, although they believe, lack trust thats all. a symptom of weaker Imaan and lack of understanding

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04-07-2010, 07:11 PM
I think all those worldly goals you mentioned are important from a secular point of view. Humans work, mostly, based on what they experience. It is very hard to experience God. Hence humans are very far far away from God, and they do not necessarily find it to be a bad thing. As the saying goes "we were born alone, we will die all alone." The world is the beginning, it is the end. Since no one has seen, experienced or witnessed Jannah, the love for it, heck the idea of its mere existence does not take a stronghold in the minds of most people. Hence where to seek happiness, joy, and pleasure? In this very world, as it can be seen, touched, smelled, felt, witnessed, and experienced. Since for most of them God neither exists nor the day of ultimate justice, so why not make the best of what has been given. In regards to Muslims who have materialistic attitudes, they do believe that God exists but they have not sit down or spent some time in isolation to think about this God, what He wants, what He desires from those who believe in Him ... and hence you see this disease in Muslims too.

Being able to experience living in the East and the West, I can see different attitudes. The Western ethos has developed such that people "want to live life to the fullest." It is evident in them pursuing their life's goals by the virtue of talents they have, the capabilities they possess, and the skills they have acquired. It is a good thing. And a bad thing. On the other hand, since I grew up in an Eastern setting, my worldview was to look at this life as a momentary phase where I do good deeds as they relate to God, not to me or my pleasures of the flesh. Its a totally different mindset. Its hard to ignore pleasures of the flesh or to be happy with God's decree regarding these pleasures of the flesh. Hence most people forget the role God plays in it and unconsciously make this world and its pleasures their goddess.

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