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04-09-2010, 03:20 AM
This year's Muslim Power List is open for nominations. Surprised this has not been mentioned here before, as it's been open for nominations for months. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of British Da'ees who deserve a mention for their dedication and good work.

I personally nominated Green and Chmabers :beard:

From the site: www.MuslimPowerList.com:

The Muslim Power List project is asking the public to nominate the 99 most influential Muslims in the United Kingdom. The list will demonstrate the important contribution that Britain’s Muslim community makes to the social, financial and cultural benefit of their country and communities. The MPL does this by highlighting the excellent work that is being carried out by successful role models, who we hope will also inspire the current generation of young British Muslims to appreciate the opportunities available to them.


Nominees must be UK residents and be orthodox Muslims from the mainstream Sunni or Shia communities. For the purposes of clarity, we are excluding the likes of Ahmadi, Baha'i, Nation of Islam and other sects that are not considered orthodox by the majority of UK Muslims. So sorry Omid Djalili fans, but he doesn't qualify!

Those who have chosen to leave Islam, but come from a Muslim background are also excluded from the list. Simply having a Muslim name is not enough to be considered a "Muslim" for the purposes of the Muslim Power List.


Seven broad categories have been chosen, which represent the various spheres of life where Britain’s most influential Muslims have made a positive impact on society. The categories are:

1. Politics
2. Entertainment and Media
3. Business
4. Da’wah
5. Public Service and Non-profit
6. Education
7. Sport
Looks like they are being much stricter about who they consider a "Muslim" this year. In the past all kinds of traitors and undesirable characters have appeared on the list. I wonder if the Quilliam Foundation guys will be featured though? They have influence. Just no influence within the Muslim community.

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04-09-2010, 08:12 PM
I really like Abudl raheem green too, he speaks with a lot of passion.

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