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imam bukhari
04-21-2010, 06:04 PM
‘I Am Invited By One Who Is Better Than You”

Sa’id Bin Abu ‘Aroobah reports:

One year while Hajjaaj Ibn Yusuf was performing hajj, he stopped somewhere between Makkah and Madeenah in order to eat.

As his meal was being prepared for him, Hajjaaj said to his guard; “Bring me someone who will eat with me.

since they were in the middle of the dessert, the guard had a hard time to find someone, but he finally came across a bedouin who was sleeping in the open.

Kicking him with his foot, the guard said; “Answer the summons of the ameer (leader).

Though he was somewhat perplexed, the bedouin acquiesced and followed the guard back to Hajjaaj.

Without any ceremony or introduction, Hajjaaj said; “Wash your hands and eat with me.

“One Who is better than you has already invited me,” said the bedouin.

Who?” exclaimed Hajjaaj, not believing the effrontery of the man.

Allaah has invited me to fast (an optional fast), and I answered His invitation,” said the bedouin.

You’re fasting in this extreme heat!?

Yes, I am fasting for a Day that will be even hotter than today,” said the bedouin.

Then eat today and fast tomorrow,” said Hajjaaj.

“Ok, but only if you guarantee that I will be alive tomorrow,” said the bedouin.

“I of course can not do that,” said Hajjaaj.

Then how can you ask me to trade what is long-term for that which is short-term?

Indeed this food is good,” said Hajjaaj, enticingly.

You do not make it good, nor does the cook,” said the bedouin. “It is made good and pure by safety [i.e., by it being blessed by Allaah].

[Taken from "Glimpses Of The Lives Of Righteous People", Darussalam publishing, Pp. 99-100, quoting from "Al-Bidaayah Wan-Nihaayah", 9/136]

Through this story we can see the simplicity of the bedouins, and how their simple mindedness lead them to logical conclusions and deductions.

Source: http://theauthenticbase.wordpress.co...you/#more-1963

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