View Full Version : I cremated Hitler

05-01-2010, 03:28 AM
no not me but this guy apparently did,


AN ex-KGB officer claimed last night that he had cremated the bones of Adolf Hitler. But Russian Vladimir Gumenyuk, 73, refused to say where the tyrant's ashes were scattered. He fears it could become a place for neo-Nazi pilgrimages. The secret agent is said to be the last man alive from a team of three sent in 1970 to dig up the bones of Hitler, his mistress Eva Braun and the remains of Joseph Goebbels and his family. He said: "We were ordered to burn the remains of Hitler and all his entourage, and blow them to the wind." He said that having dug them up near Magdeburg, in former East Germany, they burnt the bones and drove to the top of a cliff on a small unnamed stream - where they scattered the ashes. It was at a location decided by Moscow authorities. Gumenyuk, who said the team posed as fishermen, said: "No one was there - 20 seconds and the job was done. It was just the last flight of the Fuhrer." He said he had turned down large sums to identify the exact spot he disposed of Hitler. Gumenyuk told a Russian newspaper: "There are still too many neo-Nazis. There would be pilgrimages. They'd even put up a monument."

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05-01-2010, 06:56 AM
In my country there's a story about doctor Poch, a mysterious German man who came to Indonesia not so long after the World War 2 has over, and died in Indonesia in early of 70's. Some people say, doctor Poch was Adolf Hitler.

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