View Full Version : lack of concentration is making me want to just give up =(

05-08-2010, 04:33 PM
i cant concentrate...
pleaseeeeeeeee give any tips.. its making me mess up on my exams and i constatnyl feel drousy, even after getting 12 hours of sleep. what tha heck =( any tipcs for concentration? anything will help.
please dont suggest energy drinks, i went through cans untill they stopped working. i feel so sad and wana give up.

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05-08-2010, 06:28 PM
go to the library, itl get you motivated

dont just sit there and pour over books, do questions and whenever you dont know answers look them up in the book, that will keep you engaged

05-08-2010, 08:38 PM
i cant concentrate, i havent even learn anything to be testing myself on it. i am a failure and a flop. why dont i just open up a corner shop, like every paki does lol. JOOOOOOOOOKE. Ah any tips dudes? cause anything goes atm

05-08-2010, 09:22 PM
past paper/mark scheme jobs are the last resort for me, thas what I'm relying on and Allah's Mercy, if I don't make this first year I'm a dead man

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05-09-2010, 09:04 AM
^^ Your not the only one, my best advice to myself and you lol is keep at it insha'Allah.. whatever happens will inevitably happen by the will of Allah and we can sit here tryna change that but we can't. As long as you feel you done you utmost best then have yakeen in Allah & remember He is the best of Planners.. So whatever result you might achieve, it maybe so that there is something better in store insha'Allah. I feel a bit motivated today so i'm off to hit the books =/

05-09-2010, 09:21 AM
just have some chapati's and badaams and you're good to go

Mysterious Uk
05-09-2010, 03:12 PM
Three options I would suggest to help you revise:

1) Make a revision timetable- find out exactly what you need to revise and set yourself a time for when you will revise it. For example, say everyday you plan to revise for one hour straight, starting at 6:00pm. Now if you cancel everything and stick to that plan of revising a specific time everyday, you automatically feel motivated to do it everyday because it becomes a routine. Also, if your the type of person that can't revise for a long period of time without losing concentration, then just set yourself breaks in-between.

2) Find the best way you revise.. Some people work better making notes from books, some prefer drawing pictures or some make spider diagrams.. Just find which way helps subjects sink in- rather than maybe writing notes and stuff which you don't really understand. I buy lots of coloured paper, coloured pens and post-it notes; it gives you that extra motivation because you got them just to revise.. and it makes your notes look pretty lol.

3) Revise with friends/family, if you all sit in the library together and seriously study; there is that motivation of having friends there to stop you from getting lazy studying. But you have to make sure friends are willing to revise; there is no point planning to revise together but then finding yourselves talking about anything BUT revision.

Hope that might help..

05-09-2010, 06:32 PM
Go to sleep early and wake up at Fajr. This is the best and most effective time to revise. :thumbs_up

05-09-2010, 06:39 PM
I find that when I sleep too much, I wake up with a headache and it stays with me all day, and on top of that, I stay tired all day...so try to avoid sleeping 12 hours, it might be the reason you're so tired.

As for revising and studying, don't worry, we all go through that procrastination/lack of concentration phase... my best advise to you is study something you like to start with, if you hate what you're studying, you won't be able to follow through with it. Some tricks I do when studying:

-Organize your time and your work. Make a list of everything you need to do, every time you finish something check it off. This helps me tremendously.
- Take breaks after one or two hours of studying, do whatever you want, then get back to your studies.
- Start by finishing small, easy tasks. I heard that once you accomplish a task, even a small one, you will feel more relieved and more motivated, and this will help you tackle the bigger, harder stuff.
- Remember that if you don't study, your grades will suffer. Remind yourself of that feeling of regret you get when the test is handed to you, and you know you haven't studied.

Sub7anAllah, it is the same feeling one will get on the day of Judgement, where his life on earth will be his test, and the day of Judgement his marking day. If you haven't studied (i.e. done good deeds in this life) you will regret it on that day.

That thought helps me focus too :D
Good luck!

05-09-2010, 06:51 PM
I agree with sister Life. If sleeping 12 hours a day is routine for you, then according to health experts you are sleeping 5 hours more than recommended for adults.

There is wisdom in sleeping after Isha and waking at fajr. Every hour of sleep before 12am has the same benefit of two hours of sleep after midnight. So it is a very energizing sleep. Sleeping after Isha also makes it a breeze to get up for Fajr (if you're healthy otherwise). Sleeping through Fajr ruins health.

I found this article which explains from a scientific point of view why oversleeping is bad for you. If you change your sleep routine, inshaAllah your concentrations problems will disappear.

Too Much Sleep Can Affect Concentration
By Park Chung-a
Staff Reporter

One of the reasons why students or working people look forward to the weekend is to catch up on sleep.

Overwhelmed by a busy schedule, it is often difficult to get seven hours sleep a day, the ideal for grownups.

And so come the weekend many find themselves still in bed well into the late afternoon.

However, even though you get lots of rest during the daytime on weekends, you may still feel tired, even more so the next day.

Experts say that making up for lost sleep during weekdays over the weekend will simply have you feeling excessively tired, just as you would feel when adjusting to different time zones.

Our internal clock, which is located in the hypothalamus, controls the body's balance of sleep and alertness.

If human's ``override'' their normal sleep times, it can offset their internal time clock, having a negative impact on their next day.

``If you sleep too much and wake up much later than usual during the day, your body's time clock will take it as your new sleep pattern and your time for sleep or awakening can become delayed. Hence, after sleeping much in the day, it will become very difficult for you to wake up at the usual awakening time the next day, and even if you wake up, you will feel very tired and sleepy,'' said Shin Won-cheol, a professor and doctor specializing in sleep at Kyunghee Dongseo New Medical Center. ``Their changed sleep pattern can decrease the concentration power of working people or students who need to work on a regular basis.''

Oh Seung-hon, a professor and doctor at Bundang Cha Hospital also said that if you sleep too much during the day on weekends, you will feel tired on Monday.

``Work effectiveness might decrease due to lack of concentration power on Monday morning. Also you might become too sensitive in little things due to lack of sleep. According to recent research, you can experience headaches or dizziness.''

Professor Shin says that if you lack sleep during weekdays, it's better to find other ways to catch up than sleeping late on the weekend.

``If you want to compensate for your lack of sleep during weekdays, it would be better to sleep one or two hours earlier than usual at night. That way, you can set your time clock a little bit earlier and will then have no problem waking up the next morning.''

Experts say that the best way is to maintain an appropriate amount of sleeping hours and monitor your alert time effectively. However, if you still find yourself lacking sleep, experts recommend a small amount of daytime sleep around two o'clock in the day.

``About 10 to 20 minutes of daytime sleep can be effective for overcoming human's fatigue but longer sleep can disturb sleep during the night, hence destroying the sleep cycle,'' said Shin.

In conclusion, experts say that, rather than having a great amount of daytime sleep, it is important to secure enough time for sleep during night hours. It is also important to keep one's sleep cycle from being destroyed by trying to avoid sleeping excessively during the weekend.


05-09-2010, 07:00 PM
jazakAllah Khair everyone.. keep the ideas and stuff coming..

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