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View Full Version : Because of Beard, a Muslim Medical student is discriminated in Srilanka

05-26-2010, 02:22 PM

I received this via email and often these kinds of incidents take place in srilanka !! :(


I’m FM. Aslam from 2005/2006 batch (1st batch) and I would like to draw your kind attention regarding injustice and cruel insults happened to me during this course.

Some notable instances are listed below:

1. I have been keeping beard according to my religion even before entering the faculty. Seven months ago I was forced by some students to shave otherwise not to attend the clinical appointments and lectures.

2. For the sake of having beard I was forcibly blocked from not to enter the lecture theatre on the same day of above incident. I informed this incident to Prof. Sarath Edirisinghe (Para-clinical co-ordinator) immediately.

3. On the same day evening I was physically assaulted by some students and threatened to give promise that I will leave the campus permanently. Due to this promise I was away from the academic and clinical programme for two weeks.

4. On 04th May 2010, our batch representative informed that shaving is compulsory in a batch meeting and I was humiliated at that meeting.

5. For a week from that day, I was barred from attending lectures, clerkship programme, using library and canteen by some students.

6. I informed this verbally to the Acting dean (Prof. PAJ. Perera) and after a settlement by the faculty administration on 11th May 2010, following day when I was attending to clerkship programme I was pulled and insisted to get off the faculty bus by some students infront of the community medicine lecturer Dr. Thilini Agampodi.

7. Finally yesterday (13th May 2010) I got threat message that not to come to faculty hereafter.

8. So I was physically, psychologically harassed and I was denied my fundamental human rights by following my religion, attending lectures, clinical programme, clerkship and interfering with my routine studies.Personally I’m being pushed my family members to take legal action. I refused that and request you to give me a good solution to continue my studies uninterruptedly.

this email I received via a Muslim Group in Srilanka named Muslimwatch !!!

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05-26-2010, 02:32 PM
What is happening to people nowadays?.. Having a beard is natural, biological which should be something a medical school should comprehend.

05-26-2010, 02:35 PM
I am not surprised..Sri Lanka is not a Muslim dominated country, and you will find so much hatred in many Hindus towards Muslims. May Allah reward the brother for having a beard and grant him patience for going through such Fitnah. Surely Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala test who he loves.

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