View Full Version : new to islam...i need answerss to my questions pleasee its long but i neeeddddd help

05-31-2010, 07:16 PM
plzzzzzzzzz i know this is long plzzzzzzzz read it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

umm first of all this is the first time i am going to post something like this secondly i am new to this site
i need answers to some questions about which i am totally confused and puzzled
i am 20 yr old pakistani girl
i have recently started taking interest in islam and almost for 19 yrs i knew nothing about it i mean it nothing i din't even know how to pray or anything. i come from a muslim family but my family is not the religious type i.e. no one prays and my siblings make fun of me when i pray my elders and yourgers. I DON'T CARE anymore
ok so this was a small background about me so that who ever can answer my questions will be able to understand why i am confused. i have these weird things going on around me which i thought i shouldn't share with anyone but then i read somewhere that islam is an open religion and i somewhere thought that i should share the whole stuff
umm firstly i can here AZAN or u know the JAMMAT from farrr away somewhere but actually its nothing when i go closer to a door or a window i hear nothing outside but when i go back to where i was sitting i again hear it this happens to me once or twice a week or so.
secondly i have these dreams and for the meaning or whatever i don't knoww what the dreams mean what am i asked to do. i see HOLY QURAN's AYAHS and SURAHS i see like manyyyyyyyyyyyy dreams in which either i am reciting the QALAMA or the SURAT IKHLAS i see this HOLY BOOK which has many arabic AYAH written on it and then in the middle of the page i can read something written in english and in blue color 'blue sea' and like i cannot understand whats it all about.
i have recenlty started praying. i don't know i am just puzzled and i feel like i need answers. sometimes when i am praying as i pray in the end room of my house so that no one can come and disturb me there its hot over there and while praying i feel like i need cold air and there it is i feel thiss extremlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool air at my back and i feel sooooo relaxed there is no window in that room its closed from 4 sides. when i am sitting normally even then i feeel this realllyyyyy cooooll air on mee and i feel so relaxed as if there is nothing better then that.
i have these dreams in which i see sky sometimes i see myself sitting on clouds and playing sometimes i see rain from the clouds sitting in them sometimes i sea galaxy and starsss millionsss of starrrrrsssssssssssssssssss
i don't know what is the meaning of all this couple of my frnds know about this like 2 of them and they say they've never heard any such thing before i wanted answers but there is no one to guide me further. i was a reallllllllyyy bad girl i don't know whteher i'll be forgiven or not but i ask for my forgivness from ALLAH ALMIGHTY
but someone who knows something about the dreams the AYAHS the hearing of the AZAN and i hear it even when its not the time of AZAN i feel itss somewhere faar faarr away or its like the AZAN is over and i hear the JUMMAT i cannn i can hear all this i see those AYAHS in my dreams
if there is a brother or sister who knows the answers or who could go to someone some scholar anywhere to get te answers plzzzzzzzzzz do soo
i've never seen a MASJID from inside as i said my family is different and they'd not like it if i go searching for the answers and i just don't want to show who i am so this is the only way i found
i know my problem or question is long and i needddd answersssss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz someone plzzzzz someone goo to someone askk them i want answers i want them plzzzzzz

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cat eyes
06-01-2010, 11:17 AM
:sl:i hear the azan playing around in my mind too and there is not even azan here :) subanAllah.

and when you pray you feel a type of breeze beside you, that happens with me too :p when there is no windows opened. probably the angels watching us praying? they do come in to our homes. anyway Allah knows best.

About your dreams, everybody has them. is it possible to ring your local imam maybe?

Alpha Dude
06-01-2010, 07:30 PM
Asalamu alaykum,

Sister, you're having good dreams. Use them as encouragement and fuel to progress yourself in your worship. :)

As for forgiveness of sins, Allah will forgive if you're sincere in your repentance InshaAllah.

06-02-2010, 06:44 AM
umm ok thanks alot for replying and taking time to read the whole thing i wrote... thanks alot:)

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06-05-2010, 06:02 PM
Sister , you are doing right , if someone makes fun of you while praying donot care and pray , and if possible for you pray infront of your famility (sister mother etc) because might be they see you praying and they will start pryaing too. Because almost the same thing happen to me , my friend pray then its become more easy for me to start praying ,

Sister , donot know but this might help you. I think you are more confused about your dreams. and you might konw not every body can interperate dreams , its a gift Allah has given to his choosen people. So if possible to you ask this question to some expert.

As you are from pakistan ,so i think you must know urdu, i am giving you a link which might be helpful, see this


here i donot know the person , interperate dream of people , so if you had resources you can contact the editor to find who is in charge of that page and show your question to him or you can also post your question to them.

That what I had found the best resource for you to get some help.

Hey there! Looks like you're enjoying the discussion, but you're not signed up for an account.

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