View Full Version : Muslim Poster Campaign to tackle extremism and stereotypes

06-08-2010, 03:20 PM

Most people in the UK associate Islam with extremism and the repression of women, a survey has suggested.

The online YouGov poll found 58% of those questioned linked Islam with extremism while 69% believed it encouraged the repression of women.

The survey of 2,152 adults was commissioned by the Exploring Islam Foundation.

The organisation has launched a poster campaign on London transport to combat negative perceptions of Muslims.

BBC home editor Mark Easton says the survey, conducted last month, paints a negative picture of British attitudes to Islam.

Asked if Muslims had a positive impact on British society, the YouGov poll found four out of 10 disagreed with the statement.
This is hardly headline news, but I still think it's rather silly many Britons associate Islam with terrorism, despite the efforts made by British Muslims to distance themselves from it. I support the campaign- hopefully it'll raise public awareness of Islam, and also may break stereotypes of terrorists or wife beaters.

Here's some videos from the campaign:

What do you think?

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