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View Full Version : Being alive at the time of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him.

06-21-2010, 01:25 AM
Being alive at the time of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, i can see, hear, know;-

1. That the countries such as the UK, US etc of today will not be operating as one, they will of course be devastated, so no longer be acting as they have been doing.
2. There is no longer an economy as you see it today, when even the western countries get destroyed it will have an economic impact in the Middle East etc. There is no value to the currency, as of course trade is not as you see it today, no wonder people are trying to take the gold from the Euphrates.
3. But you should not be taking the gold, as these people are holding onto the past, were they want to live as they used to, but they cannot, what can they do with the gold? Build a house and live in peace when the Gog and Magog are coming back? When they whole world is coming to an end, when there will be those fleeing the fires of Yemen.
4. Banks will not be operating, of course HSBC will not be in existance.
5. I have seen the Dajjal come and gone.
6. I have been through drought.
7. I know that the Gog and Magog are coming back.
8. I know that the whole world is coming to an end, so many people have been destroyed thinking about the life of this world, is it for me to sit there and talk about continue to live the way these very people have done and they were destroyed? Of course not.
9. It is a Major signs of the Day of Judgement, not a major time to build a nation-when obviously it will not last, so why bother building a nation? Of course I will not be a part of that. Even then there will be more women then Men, at least there won't be much talk about nation building.
10. If I know that my house will be destroyed soon, then why would I want to renovate it? If I know that I will be leaving this world soon, then why should I be bothered about what colour clothes I wear? Of course I will not be bothered about the state of the house, as long as its liveable, and I won't care about my clothes as long as it covers my modesty-so as I'm willing to accept these why then would I strive to build nation? Of course I will not be doing so.
11. Even though I don't have much to do, I won't be bored, if you know that a volcano is going to erupt, and even if your sitting there doing nothing, you will not be bored, the people were not bored watching the flood waters going into land and of course people are remembering that the Gog and Magog are coming, sun rising from the West etc.
12. Time is going by quickly.
13. I know that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will die. Even if he did build a state, do you think people will be arguing over who should lead it? Even though its futile and the whole world is coming to an end? If your happy to leave your company to go to Heaven do you still feel motivated to discuss how to run the business? Even people don't feel motivated when they are ready to go on holiday or that they know it is there last day at work-they are happy to leave they don't want to continue to discuss how to do their job, do it get it over and done with and go, not thinking about how to continue there but look towards living.
14. Peace will come about naturally too, today we see evil all around us, when the Dajjal arrives, people will be looking at him-so the evil would of course appear to be concentrated on him, because of what he is doing, when he is killed along with his followers, peace would come about. We are not expecting the same amount of black magic etc, as people are too scared to even gossip as you see people do today. Do people gossip when there is an earthquake? No.
15. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has already taught us Muslims on how to be good, it is not the time for Prophet Jesus peace be upon him to start from scratch. As of course there is not much time left for the world is coming to an end. Islam is sufficiently taught people the right path, and its been over a thousand years since we had a Prophet, Islam is sufficiently teaching people the right path today as of course they are not going to get another Prophet today. Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will be coming after these countries have been destroyed. They have of course said many times they wanted to live without Islam, they want secularism, then be careful what you ask for, you don't want Islam, then why should all these people be kept alive for that time? Of course they are being destroyed.
16. People are uncomfortable about giving up with how they are used to living in this world, that's why they talk about nation building, when they have no basis to say this, of course there won't be evil as you see it, but that does not mean its because of nation building.
17. No Prophet would want to come back during the Major signs of the Day of Judgement and talk about nation building-they know that people can be weak and it would prevent them from remembering the Day of Judgement. Even there are people who are left behind when the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him leads the believers to higher ground, and the people who are left behind were only looking towards living in this world. They face the Gog and Magog and don't survive. So of course people should not be lead on the same path as these unbelievers.
18. People are giving the incorrect impression that all people will be good, even though we know that the beast will be coming marking out who is good and who is bad, so there of course still going to be disbelievers, holding onto the life of this world. I would dread to be in their position.
19. The earthquakes have occurred and its bad that people are looking towards living in this world.
20. Before the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him arrives, it has been said that people would walk past graves, wishing they were dead-now for people to feel this way it is of course a calamity. Things are so bad for them to feel like this, as of course you don’t get to hear, see this very often regardless of the problems in this world. There are plenty of people who do not look to joining the dead when they walk past graves, so that is how serious the situation is for them to feel like that.
21. Going through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement is more about physically living towards the end of the world, we are used to mentally remembering the Day of Judgement, as of course if you know that a hurricane is coming to destroy your land your not going to be focused on how to live in this world. As even the people who are running from the fire in Yemen, of course they are not looking at how to live in this world.

As Allah has stated remember the Day of Judgement DO NOT let anyone lead you to looking at something else, when obviously the whole world is coming to an end.

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