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06-21-2010, 04:44 PM
Our goal is not to teach people of the sins of their leaders, but ask if they want to save themselves from going into the fires with them. For example;-

1. Prophet Moses peace be upon him did not say to the people to turn on Pharoah.

2. The message was to get people to repent and save themselves from Hell-this is what gets them to reject their evil leaders, but that does not mean that they have to fight them as Allah destroys them.

3. If you get people to be critical of their leaders that does not mean they are going to save themselves from Hell. Even Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him's uncle helped him but that does not mean he went to Paradise.

4. We do not ask non-Muslims to fight for us, we only ask that they save themselves from the fire.

5. The people are tested, they are not stupid as Allah is willing to test them. They are not going to say that their leaders are very innocent, and deserve to go to Paradise, and are humble good people. People even knew that Pharoah was torturing and killing good people, they did not fight back, they knew Prophet Jesus peace be upon him was having a bad time, they did not help him, they knew that the US governments etc were torturing people but they still voted for Bush again etc. This is their test they look for the life of this world rather then the next. They can stand with the leaders and go to Hell with them. Even then there is a verse from the Quran;-

40:47 (Asad) AND LO! They [who in life were wont to deny the truth] will contend with one another in the fire [of the hereafter]; and then the weak will say unto those who had gloried in their arrogance, “Behold, we were but your followers: can you, then, relieve us of some [of our] share of this fire?”

34:32 (Asad) [And] those who were wont to glory in their arrogance will say unto those who had been weak: “Why - did we keep you [forcibly] from following the right path after it had become obvious to you? Nay, it was but you [yourselves] who were guilty!”


39:71 (Asad) And those who were bent on denying the truth will be urged on in throngs towards hell till, when they reach it, its gates will be opened, and its keepers will ask them, “Have there not come to you apostles from among yourselves, who conveyed to you your Sustainer’s messages and warned you of the coming of this your Day [of Judgment]? ”They will answer: “Yea, indeed!” But the sentence of suffering will [already] have fallen due upon the deniers of the truth;

6. Also everyone knows that Allah exists, if they deny this then ask them on the Day of Judgement. Do not believe the words of Atheist that they really deny Allah, even Allah has said as per the above verse from the Quran the people in the fires rejected the truth-he never said they rejected something which they thought it was wrong. They are bent on denying the truth for the life of this world.

7. So of course as above, our job is not to teach people that this person committed a sin, but of course I understand that people say this if someone is following a sinner, or telling you to do the same. The point is that we don't actively teach them about the sins of people to get them to repent. They repent first and then forbid evil and enjoin good after.


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