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07-03-2010, 06:46 PM
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Just back from challenging the 'Anti-fascist Action Coalition' meeting (already discussed on these forums)

I would like to put a brief account (full account will be posted latter) of the EDLs actions of the days events across before the reds/anarchists do so but with their usual lies.

Myself and 4 others including Snowy (agreed to me mentioning his name) went to the location of the meeting, pressed the buzzer on the door and let the caretaker of the building know we were there for the anti-EDL meeting (there was a hand written note on the door saying the meeting was there) we were let into the building and went upstairs to the meeting.

We were expecting a group of black-bloc hardcore militant street fighting anarchists but was met with the usual UAF type mongs apart from one individual (more about him in the full report)

Snowy started off by trying to blagg the cretins by saying we were anti-fascists from Wakefield, but it didn't take long for them to realises who we were due to our superior hygeine.

Snowy then tried to educate the wasters about the errors of their ways but it soon became a reality that the brave class warriors were not up for a discussion as a big lad (we believe he was from Norway) decided to stand up and try to walk out. Snowy and myself talked him round by saying we were there for a democratic debate and not for violence, but he seemed to think we were there for violence as he was shaking like a leaf.

It ended up with the reds/anarchists realising that we within the EDL will challenge them wherever they challenge us, anywhere, anytime and any place.

Sorry the report is so short but I will go more into what was said during the spat latter as I have to go out very soon, just wanted to get the our side of the story across before the reds/anarchist come out with "EDL rapist, jew, cat and hampster killers threaten little bo peep with candy floss and machine guns" type sh1te.

Just in case you thought you were fighting them alone, think otherwise. They are using bully boy tactics to pressure leftist meets. Oswald Mosley and the BUF anyone? We need to work together against them.

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07-04-2010, 03:12 PM
Antifascists are retarded kids. Completely stupefied by liberals and jews.

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