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07-09-2010, 10:39 PM
I remember that people are good enough to be judged by Allah personally, he is not delegating that task to anyone! Forget about the fact that you need a VIP pass etc to meet the leaders, Kings in this world. Allah is judging everyone personally!!

So you already are someone for Allah to judge you personally, you don't need to to write a novel, sell so many records, and get attention from millions of people.You are good enough to be called by the Lord of the Worlds!! To be answerable to him!!

1. So I don't treat people like if they are stupid (reflected in the way that I write anyway).

Normal way of being

2. People who repent, naturally feel its the normal way of life. You don't change what Allah has already provided you with, ie your personality etc (if you are commiting sinful acts, stopping yourself from doing them, you don't change your personality etc to do that).

Afterall there is nothing wrong with how Allah, the Most Merciful has created you-its the choices that people make that are wrong, going down the wrong path. Of course in physical terms if someone kills someone, there is nothing wrong with how Allah has created this hands-its just that the Murderer has used his hands to kill. He does not need to change the form of his hand to stop killing but the choices that he makes.

Of course its not natural state to be commiting sins. I went to a Primary School a while back (for a play that my nephew was a part of), and seeing the non-Muslim children, its not pleasant to think that the adult non-Muslims have turned to drinking, lewd behaviour when they were once similar to the children that I saw before me.

Converting to Islam

3. No one converts someone to Islam, you absolutely catergorically do that yourself with Allah's help.

As stated in I think "Not my job" thread, we don't get people to be Muslims, if I made someone a Muslim then why should they be rewarded in Paradise? How have they really earned their reward?? As they didn't make themselves Muslims but someone else did. We only recite the same message that all the Prophet have gave to worship the one God, Allah, remember the Day of Judgement and in Paradise and Hell. Also talked a bit about in "Show me, Show me (but we're humans)" thread.

Allah is testing us on what we can do with what he has provided us with ie our hands, eyes, minds etc.

Threads and trolls

4. Lastly I feel the need to mention after so many criticism that no one has actually complained about the threads that I have written, but if I do have a troll, then I do answer them. I have been told it comes across too harshly (with my post replies to them, not the thread post 1 content). I only hope that people actually read what is going on, because there are people who don't read threads, and do not actually be critical of post 1 and start derailing etc.

So if you have any questions on what I have written or any other Muslims we are happy to answer questions, but admittedly I do not take trolling very well. People should just be aware that there are people who do go out of their way trolling-so you should not let what they say effect what you think, as you should be listening to what Allah has stated in the Quran, which is what all the Prophets have taught. I have personally already told someone off for trolling and practically following me into other threads with the same jargon (were he did not dispute with what I had written). Just trying to make me look bad.

So don't listen to trolls, but what Allah has stated, why should you listen to trolls instead of listening to Prophet Jesus, Ibrahim peace be upon them? You should not.

My Confidence

5. I have every confidence that whoever is going to repent will repent. As I believe that;-

Allah is Most Merciful, that he tests people fairly in this world
Allah is Most Merciful, that he has provided what you require and need to help you to Islam.

So believing that Allah is Most Merciful to me, also means that I accept absolutely that people are not stupid, as Allah would not judge people who are incapable of being tested fairly.

If anyone has any questions about Islam, we Muslims here are happy to answer them.

So happy reading on this forum. :muslimah:

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