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07-12-2010, 04:21 PM
I thought I'd better add this thread, as people think I am being rude, when all I am doing is heeding Allah's warning.

1. So if I approached someone in Banda Ache, Indonesia, straightafter the earthquake, and told them to become a Muslim, and then they said they were unsure etc, then I could only feel exasperated, it is me being direct, and saying "What!, After all the things you have seen?", Bodies being scraped along, you cannot recognise the faces, waters going onto the streets. You dare, reject Allah? It is a joke, its is unacceptable and intolerable.

2. This reaction of mine is normal to people who are witnesses of so many natural disasters around the world, it is even written on my record, for the Day of Judgement, I don't have any excuses for rejecting Allah. It is not about how someone is raised etc.

So if a person has heard about the oneness of Allah, and the Day of Judgement, and seen so many natural disasters;-

-2004 Boxing Day Tsunami,
-New Orleans Hurricane Katrina,
-Earthquake in Iran, Bam
-Earthquake in Pakistan (were it was felt down to the middle of Pakistan),
-many in China
-Earthquake in Haiti

People are witnesses to the above, it is a joke, exasperation, how could you, how dare you reject Islam after all that which is sweeping through from me, not rudeness etc. It is normal reponse for me to feel this way about them. It is not good to be led astray by people who are rejecting the truth, to listen to their stupid excuses, there are NO excuses!! If I was there I would NOT like them, they are showing their true sides, either go to Paradise or Hell. We clearly talk about Islam, it is NOT my job to make you a Muslim-Allah is testing you to become a Muslim, we are all earning our own rewards from Allah. Therefore your job to make yourself good, it is not about persuading someone etc, they hear the truth, their souls hear the truth, they know its the truth.

The Prophets told people the first Day to worship Allah and remember the Day of Judgement and warned them about the torment of the fire! They did not say that we cannot do this as what they believe in their idol worship is the truth. Even Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him's response to them was like "What you worship idols, even though they can do nothing for you!" Of course its a joke that they are worshipping idols-the Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him NEVER said it was understandable why they were worshipping idols!!. Things are only made to look good for them as they are enjoying themselves in this world NOT because they are getting something from the idols or Prophet Jesus peace be upon him! Even Allah said in the Quran why are they following their forefathers when they had not sense! It was a joke, ridiculous!

Allah has always said that they reject the truth, not that they rejected something they didn't know was right. When they reject the truth, the hearts grow harder for this reason. No one going to Hell is going to say I did not understand what was required of me.

If I was standing there in Indonesia, I would say it to their face, I am NOT happy with them not being good, it is unacceptable, people who are in clear error, holding onto the life of this world. That is why people would not want to fast for a month, but be able to eat all day and enjoy themselves etc.

So Muslims should realise the above, that the test that Allah has provided is fair, just, so many unbelievers have died yesterday, they didn't directly speak to a Muslim, or read the Quran but they had a fair test. You cannot deny this as this would be saying that Allah is not being Merciful!

Considering in todays world, after all the natural disasters, in the midst of so much evil, my reaction is normal, I do not have hate in my heart, they can ask on the Day of Judgement. The reaction is how could you, dare you after all that has happened, it is not about learnig about Islam causally is your own sweet time, even Prophet Noah, Lut, Ibrahim peace be upon them told people to repent straightaway not discuss it first and setup classes as they already recognise the truth. If you do not believe this then ask the non-Muslims on the Day of Judgement. I would not learn so much about Islam if I had the wrong intentions.

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