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07-12-2010, 11:43 PM
There are issues when people are learning in Islam;-

1. There is a culture of putting people down, and saying that you cannot talk about Islam, because you have not read, this, this and this etc. But Islam is basic and understandable by all. Even the Prophets came up to people on the first day and told them to repent, there wasn’t even an introductory course, they said to worship the one God, Allah and remember the Day of Judgement. They then make excuses about law, but its still simple as it’s the masses that follow it.

2. The students go into Muslim Academy and they are taught that others are not good enough in Islam, because they have not been taught in their environment.

3. It is strange when some people say they want to learn about Islam for Dawah, because what do they expect? That all these countries will still be around, when they are fresh out of Muslim Academy??

4. There are those that like their positions and when they relate what is are simple Islamic issues, they enjoy being treated with respect. They don’t expect any opposition. They can talk about how and what a person should be doing in this world, and as they repeat this is what the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, or his companions did, they feel confident that of course if anyone opposes them they are in the wrong.

5. They are happy to follow after the Prophet on getting married etc, but they don’t follow him in remembering the Day of Judgement sufficiently! They probably cover the Day of Judgement in an hour’s course and then largely talk about how to live in this world.

6. They rarely talk about what they think for fear of being criticised and as they are less confident they are just happy about copying and pasting and repeating what other people have said.

7. This is why people like Syed_z, was repeating anything from Islam (as per point 4) to me, and he thought he could get away with it. He was not looking at the situation at hand. As they don’t teach much about thinking more and looking towards the Day of Judgement, he was also purposely ignoring so much that I have written as it goes against what he has always lived his life by, that to sit there and continue as he is in the long term,

To answer my points would mean that he would be acknowledging that his long term goals in life are no longer possible as countries are finishing, this is why he refuses to think about it (this is why he keeps on repeating Dawah and talking to non-Muslims, when they have already been told to repent, he said how do I know, I know because Allah is Most Merciful, he provides a fair test., which I have already written in the “ Collapse of these countries thread“, as per my “Attacking me“ thread, why has he not read this thread first, even I mentioned it on the “Sinners getting destroyed and a good job too“). As stated some people go to Muslim Academy to do a certain job in Islam, and they of course imagine that establishments are still in existence, that the countries are still around.

This is the real reason, no different to people holding onto the life of this world, he thinks by talking about Islam, it isn’t the same. There is no difference, as there are people who want a job in IT lets say, and they don’t want to think about countries being destroyed as that means what they have worked for, is no longer possible. The Muslims should not be like this, but there are those that are, which is why I’m saying that they should have remembered the Day of Judgement and heeded the signs. They want to go to Muslim Academy and work so hard, planning their long term life in these countries. They don’t want to talk about countries finishing as that means acknowledging what they have worked for is not going to happen. IF they were remembering an Islamic reason, then why does he have a problem with acknowledging that the countries will be of no more??

I even reminded him on post 40 in “Can you repeat, repeat yourself ? Thread.

-he keeps on talking about Dawah,

-I am saying that countries are coming to an end, so the focus is less on Dawah, which he has not acknowledged!!!

Simply one question he refuses to answer, time and time again, here it is;-

Is it not acceptable, that if you knew that the countries are coming to an end, that you focus less on the Dawah to non-Muslims who have already proven that a large amount of them are not repenting. That you talk more about making the Muslims stronger and teaching your children to prepare for the Major signs of the Day of Judgement??

8. He keeps on talking about when non-Muslims were told to repent in the past, well wake up that is what has already happened today!! Even at the start of “Sinners being destroyed and a good job too” thread I wrote, that I have written this thread, because Muslims keep on thinking of in the context that they will just sit around and telling people to repent.
They say of course we know about the Day of Judgement, then why do they find it hard to even acknowledge once, that there will be a time when Muslims will not be focused on Dawah ie when the Dajjal is here etc??

9. That is why I wrote “Sinners getting destroyed and a good job too”, if he was so after the truth then he would have visited Ummah and saw the replies, and he has proven that he did not read as he wouldn’t not have posted what he had done. Just so people are clear;-

-Since 2001, people have been even more lewd, and openly accepted homosexuality,

-even torturing Muslims as people did before, did not Bush torture Muslims? What is the difference, no difference. At the time of Pharoah the people also knew that he was torturing and killing people, but they did not oppose him, just like people in the US that don’t. etc.

10. He is asking people not to listen to me, then fine, then create your own threads about heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement. Anyhow he has no right to say , that I am saying something wrong, he has not even simply refuted the “Collapse of these countries” thread, if you do this Syed_z, then you have proven your point. That is how easy this is. So I’m going to bump it up. So your call that I am telling people the wrong thing about Islam is justified.

I have to unfortunately repeat this, as he has proven to be ignoring it time and time again.

- I have never had an issue with Dawah, and how people were being told to repent,
- Now we are coming to an end, this is were I am at, so focused more on the Muslim Ummah.

So lets go over that again.

-People get told to repent
-If they don’t repent, they get destroyed -and we just about here.

Lets go over it again.

People are told to repent, but there comes a time, when they get destroyed.
So that is where we talk about people being destroyed in the Quran, he said I misusing the Quran verses (very serious allegation) well when does he expect me to use those verses?? Never?

He has heard of "My intentions" thread and still could not bring himself to face up to the relevant points raised.

11. Now if he changes the subject to saying no one knows when the countries are finishing, but you should heed the signs around you, you always have to prepare before, just as you do with the Day of Judgement, if you waited for the countries to be of no more, then it is difficult for you, and even more difficult for anyone to repent when the Dajjal is here (as gone over in the “Major signs of the Day of Judgement thread”.

So as people like Syed_z has said people should not be listening to me,, he should;-

- refute the “Collapse of these countries” thread

- If he says he does not know about countries being destroyed when it is so obvious, he should refute “Major signs of they Day of Judgement” thread. As it explains behaviour and why people have to prepare before hand. Not wait till it happens. You can’t tell someone to wait for the Day of Judgement to take it seriously.

- if he cannot refute my claim that the countries are being destroyed right now, then he has nothing.

(There is no difference to him saying to people at the time of Prophet Noah peace be upon him to concentrate on Dawah, when obviously people are preparing to leave on the ark).

I don’t have an issue if people don’t want to listen to me. The fact that I have written this thread, is that people should question when someone tells them not to listen to me, when clearly he has NOT once acknowledged the fact that I’m saying that the countries will be of no more, so he is avoiding a point which is clearly important to what I am saying and doing. So you should not be missing a valuable part when dismissing someone’s work.

This is definitely my last thread and post now for a while, and I am don’t have an issue with whatever decisions people make about reading my threads or not. As of course it is up to anyone. I have every confidence that people know the truth when they hear and see it.

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