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07-24-2010, 07:07 PM
The point of debate among scholars with regards to mechanical slaughtering is whether it fulfils the important requisite of the Tasmiyah (reciting Bismillah at the time of slaughter) being rendered by the person actually slaughtering the animal.

The books of Fiqh state categorically that the Tasmiyah must be uttered by the person actually slaughtering the animal. If someone else utters the Tasmiyah while the person slaughtering remains quiet (i.e. intentionally omits reciting the Tasmiyah) the animal will not be Halal.

(Fatawaa Alamghiriyyah P. 286. Vol. 5)

During mechanical slaughter, when the power is turned on, and the poultry starts to move along the conveyor belt towards the fixed blades, a Muslim may be standing and reciting the Tasmiyah on each individual chicken, the question here is whether this is considered to be his own act of slaughter or not?

The majority of scholars hold the view that in the above case, only the first chicken will be considered Halal and all subsequent poultry will be Haraam.
The reason for this is that when the Muslim slaughter man turns the power on and recites Tasmiyah, his action of turning the power on is considered valid only for the first chicken, i.e. It will be assumed that the Tasmiyah has taken place on his personal act of slaughter. The pressing of the 'On' button is considered his own act.

However, as for all subsequent poultry which follows, they are not considered to be his own act of slaughter, hence his Tasmiyah remains meaningless rendering the poultry Haraam for consumption.

(Summary of an Urdu Treatise by Mufti Khalid Saifullah Rahmani. Jadeed Fiqhi Masaa'il, Page 219, Vl. 2)

The nature of food certification is such that it requires the overseeing of qualified and reputable Ulamaa.

And Allah knows Best

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Mechanical slaughter is of three types:

Chickens are transported to the place of slaughter through a conveyer belt and are manually slaughtered. If there is certainty that the chicken is alive and the Muslim slaughterer recites the name of Allah upon slaughtering, then the chicken is Halal. In this case, only the transportation is mechanical but the slaughtering is manual. This procedure is unanimously permissible and recommended.

Chickens are transported by means of the conveyer belt to the mechanical slaughter blade. Once the mechanical plant comes into operation, the blade also comes into operation and cuts the chicken. This procedure is not permissible. It does not matter if the plant and the blades are controlled together or separately.

The chickens are transported by means of the conveyer belt to many slaughter blades and every blade is controlled separately by a Muslim who recites the name of Allah upon effecting the mechanical slaughter. This procedure conforms to the principles of Sharée Zabh set out by the Fuqahaa. According to our knowledge, such a procedure does not yet exist.
and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


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