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08-07-2010, 04:02 AM

I have received another post about how I talk (so as people are complaing about the same thing, I have written this thread, my last on the subject, consider it a favour instead of people realising the abundance of things they refused to acknowledge on the Day of Judgement), I find it incredible that people can't even read;-

"Collapse of these countries"
"Major signs of the Day of Judgement"
"Sinners being destroyed and a good job too!"
"No more TVs, mobiles and computers etc"
"My intentions"
"Being exasperated"
"Attacking me"
"Being told not to listen to me"

How many more times do I need to explain myself?? Which I don't have a problem with doing, as I cannot believe I am the only person who feels the way that I do. I have used myself as an example to write "My intentions" thread, but the Islamic reasons are all there.

I am not going to talk to you...

1. Like if you have NEVER heard of the 2004 tsunami
2. Like if you have NEVER heard of the Bam Earthquake,
3. Like if you have NEVER heard of the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina,
4. Like if you have NEVER heard of the flooding in Pakistan at present, which I will add in addition,
5. Like if you have NEVER heard of the so called "War on Terror".

6. I am not going to you as I would do with children.

7. You say you are Muslims, servants of Allah, that are willing to die in the name of Allah, well I am not going to talk to you like if you are a sissy etc. If I thought that you couldn't handle it, then I certainly would not have bothered coming.

8. Why are people quoting Dawah?? Do you want me to talk to you as if you are non-Muslims?? I am not calling you a non-Muslim, but do you want me to treat you as if you are one??

9. If they were so innocent, how come they have avoided my explanations on how I write, again, again and again?? Are they acting as Christians?? Were they think it easier to talk about how people are going to be nice to each other, and talk about love so they know that they won't receive any opposition???

I have reminded them so many times, and the proof is there of how many times they have ignored it, so they are not showing that it is the way that I am talking. There is a clear link anyway with peope having a problem with me and the ones not heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement.

- the threads post 1 were not an issue, they were not rude, just to the point,

-people were derailing my threads, and it is my replies to them that they were complaining about, which I would not change as I find it unacceptable for people to derail a thread where there is nothing Islamically wrong with it.

-no matter how many times they have been told not to go into my threads, giving me the same old talk about Dawah, the persisted-why is this??? When I told them again for the 5th time etc, they treat themselves as if they are ill done by.

- they were not telling me to be nice for an Islamic reason, see "Attacking me" thread, if they were interested in Islamic reasons, they would have looked at the points as per post 1 of thread. Its more of a social issue. Were as Chrisitans they also talk about things that people already know, ie respecting parents, giving to charity. Why talk about things that people already know??? Even I don't treat people if they are stupid see "Attacking me" thread. There were also the same people who were dismissing the rights of children to get married to who they pleased to being critical of me, I see them as trying to control others and be above others. Frankly I don't see it as the way I write, I think as a Christian they think its easier to talk about being kind, so they won't get any opposition from people and then its their way of being appreciated and valued. They have proven that if it is the way that I write was the sole problem then they would have at least acknowledge my explanations, which they refused, the problem lies with them and NOT me, as proven by their posts. I am happy to accept if it was on me, but again their posts have not proven this. They are lying, and getting others to believe in their lies and about how they want to be spoken to, there is nothing rude etc about my threads. I will not be changing how I write, things are only going to get worse, if you cannot accept the way I write, then how are you going to cope when you go through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement??

10. Even in some instances ie Marriages not being approved, it reminds me of a child, if you were to tell a child they were so good for juggling, because they have received praise, they then precede to tell everyone that they can juggle so thereby to receive praise from others. As they were talking about parents rights, of course no one will be opposed to, they thought just to fling it anywhere and it will be accepted, where of course they were not refuting any of the point on post 1 of the thread. They cannot get away wth treating me as they have done with others. Frankly I know what I am talking about, and I am not here to waste time. I will never be changing the way I speak, if you say this is wrong, then why is that I would not need to change when I go through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement? They will be the ones who will be changing, they will not be telling me about how to talk to non-Muslims, to smell the roses etc.


How to talk to someone

When people are quoting how people should talk, they are always referring to people in the context of not receiving anything, or never have been warned. Well that is why I wrote "Sinners getting destroyed and a good job too!" thread, to let Muslims know that we are not starting from the beginning. Which did a good job to actually show the people who were being critical, were vastly underestimating what Allah has provided. Also they were uncomfortable as they were thinking about there lives in these countries.

When people are quoting how the Prophets were, they are again telling me to talk to people, like if we are starting to warn them etc. Anyhow, I have come on a Muslim website to talk to Muslims, I am not actively or want to have a go at non-Muslims, I am being tolerant towards them but that does not mean that I am going to fail to mention that they are wrong, when I am talking about what Islam says about non-Muslims.

Tell me how someone will be talking to you when the Dajjal is here, and then tell me I am wrong. Tell me how someone is going to be talking when the countries have finished collapsing and then tell me I am wrong.


Please read "My intentions" thread

You have whether you like it or not, or even squandered the time or not, you have had;-

2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1998 etc

So how can a person if heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement talk to you like if you have more time to repent and learn?? Hence why my threads are to the point and direct.

If you have not done, learnt what you have supposed to learn in that time, and I am in my threads summarising, you cannot blame me if my threads come out too much, my threads are not rude, I consider every sentance relevant they are to the point.

Also my replies to people's post if they are derailing threads, are the ones that people complain about, I frankly do not care for people, when I am writing threads to seriously help people in the future and from the fires of Hell for them to be derailed by others. If anyone looks and the proof is all there, no one has actually refuted the points on post 1.

They are not doing an Islamic thing, by having good things derailed to personal attacks.

Day of Judgement.

1. Allah is not going to tell me that a person not heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement is a kind person,

2. People do have the habit at just looking at that person, instead of the enviroment around them too, well I take that in context when I am talking to that person, so if someone has not repented, I am not going to treat them like if they are innocent, etc, and neither is Allah on the Day of Judgement for not heeding the signs if they have not repented.

3, I can see as above, not many people take in context the environment that a person lives in, which is what I do, and even Allah himself does not exempt the signs from the records, the 2004 tsunami for example is written as a warning for everyone who witnessed, heard it and it is written on mine. It will be held against me on the Day of Judgement if I have not repented.


1. I have always heeded the signs of the Day of Judgement, and even starting my jobs, I have always said for time being that I will be working. I always thought that other Muslims were doing the same, and now I realise that is not the case. I have been looking towards the Day of Judgement even before Sep 11, so I am not biased to events today see "Not our Goal" thread.

2. My only 100% goal was to help the other Muslims in being strong, steadfast in Islam to help them go through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement and of course from the fires of Hell.

3. Yes, people should just accept that there are going to be Muslims who do talk about heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement.

Some not good responses.

There was actually no Islamic reason for them to have an issue with me, they could not find fault with my threads. Some of the responses was which was I see as a good thing which shows to other Muslims not to follow in their route;-

1. People were saying who do you think you are to tell us. This is bad, as if they read the Quran, they will see this is what people used to say back at the Prophets. Why were they arguing about the Prophets telling them what they need to know and forbidding evil and enjoiing good??? Why did they not do it themselves?? Why bother arguing? Instead of telling me to stop writing, why don't they themselves carry on reminding people of the Day of Judgement and to heed the signs and to forbid evil and enjoin good. Of course I am no Prophet etc, but we are all in the position to remind each other about the Day of Judgement, which I have mentioned in "Collapse of these countries".

2. Some were quickly discarding what was knowledge, so if there intentions were Islamically sound, why bother discarding my threads (which Islamicboard thankfully has not done), only
2 websites have prevented me from adding the threads -WhyIslam and Islamway. Threads have been deleted at Islamicawakening, people only need to read my introduction thread, were people were critical of me the first day!! Just for not being an amateur in Isalm. So if there intention was sound, do they think that people have plenty of time to repent??? I and others can die at anytime. How long do you think you have???

3. They wanted me to be an amateur in Islam. I have seen that if I did behave as an amateur then Yes people would have just accepted me, and not said anything else, but this would serve no purpose as other people's responses have shown to me their true colours, I am not saying they are going to Hell, but there is clearly a room for improvement.

4. It is a sad state of affairs that when talking about heeding the signs, it is strange to some Muslims, and people are less likely to talk about it. Again, if you tell me to go away, then you should be talking about heeding the signs instead, you cannot substitute talking about heeding the signs to talking about living in this world.

5. People were assuming that I copied the threads, OK not an issue that they asked this question, but then after asking this (not on this website), some people then asked how do I know what I have written is wrong? They ask this when they themselves cannot find fault in what I have written!! If I was a Scholar, I doubt if they would be asking this question.

6. I do know that not everyone wants talk about heeding the signs etc, but I have created my own thread, people can choose to read them or not, I don't see them going to other people's threads and telling that person to stop talking about garderning, photography etc. I am not the one who is harrassing and following people, I have kept things within my own threads. You don't need to go into my threads and tell me to stop talking about heeding the signs.

Using one situation for another

Use the below that I posted to someone before.

1. Also no one has actually refuted the threads,

2. If you have a clear look, when people are disgreeing,they are not disagreeing with the subject, but how they want to live their lives and be in this world ie;-

-- most popular is that they talk about living and teaching people about Islam, I am talking about the countries collapsing and where people will NOT be focused on doing Dawah to non-Musilms.

SEE?? So the above the disagreements have actually been about other people trying to change one situation for the other. Even the-

-"Marriages not being approved" got derailed, people were not being right on what I was talking about in post 1 of the thread, and if you have a look at people's replies non of them refuted that any of the points. They just were talking about what they were comfortable with, ie living in this world etc. Talking about parents rights, again not refuting any of the points, talking about the subject at hand.

-"My intentions" thread got derailed, again, people talking about something different and they did NOT refute any of the points on post 1.

-"Sinners being destroyed and a good job too!, all the repllies were NOT refuting any of the points on post 1. People don't want to think about things coming to an end, as they are uncomfortable with it, and it affects their long term living, Yes, they know that there is a Day of Judgement, but they haven't clearly seriously incorporated that things as we see today will be over. So they were talking about living in this world in the context of telling the non-Muslims about Islam and things are coming to an end.

3. Which I have already summarised on "Attacking me" and "Being told not to listen to me", strange that the people who were being critical could not even refute the relevant points, I have as you can see there understood what they are saying, but it does NOT apply in my threads, as I am not talking about living as you see people today, I am talking about the end of this, well if I started talking about living in this world, then how will I get what I want to say across?? That countries are finishing and that the Major signs of the Day of Judgement are upon us.

--two people can be both right as one is saying I can pour water in a bucket, and another says I am right because I can pour water in a bottle. So they both proven that they can hold water into something.

-BUT others are WRONG in MY THREADS, AS THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING COMPELTELY DIFFERENT!! Again, they have nor refuted my threads, they are changing the subject to living in this world in the contexts of what they see around them. I have spent a lot of time replying to people's posts, and I certainly as above know what I am replying too. They have NOT refuted the threads. They are talking about being right in one situation, but they are wrong in what I am talking about and the PROOF is there for everyone to see their posts.

I hope that you see the above, if you do not and continue to think that I have been wrong on what I am talking about, then leave it, you go your way, I'll go mine. I certainly don't think anymore needs to be said as the proof is there.

You are only right if

If the countries are not finishing right now. Which you are not, as with everything else I know and understand, I am 100% right, it is as stated on "No mobiles, TVs, and computers" etc, I am more then happy to accept if Allah is going to give more time, but he has only ever taught us that people who don't repent will be destroyed. There is not 1% of me that believes otherwise.

So say that 100% that you are going to talk the same way that you are now, when;-

-the countries have finished collapsing,
-when you are going through this calamity with no banks etc
-when the Dajjal is here.

I don't think people are used to meeting people who seriously do heed the signs of the Day of Judgement. They keep on trying to tell me to change how I talk, but they don't see which I only expect from non-Muslims that this is personal to me.

Again when you meet people, you want to just look at how that person is in their character, what they want to do in life etc. It has been shown that they are not used to meetng someone who seriously heeds the signs of the Day of Judgement, this is also proven, because everytime they tell me to change, they neglect to mention heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement. When you are critical of how a person is, and if they don't change, they explain themselves, I have DONE THAT, but people have refused to acknowledge it, as per
"Attacking me" thread.

The Day of Judgement is mentioned so many times in the Quran, I've actually learnt so much because I remembered the Day of Judgement.

So how I am, in the way I talk is as per the "Attacking me", "Being told not to listen to me" and "Being exasperated" threads, is because I am responding to the signs of the Day of Judgement, and when things collapse, you won't be critical of people being like me. Its best to remain strong, steadfast in Islam, also to provide other people confidence when going through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement as its going to be so tough. There is reference that the Mahdi will be focused on Muslims too, and so am I. So there is no need to quote how people talk to people when telling them to repent, as that is futile, I am talking to Muslims, and I would not have written what I have done if I thought you could not handle it. No one is going to carry you, hold your hand when the Dajjal is here.

I am definitely finishing for Ramadan now, so everyone have a good Ramadan. I will not be replying to anyone elses' posts and answering anymore threads. I only wrote this, as I usually do when there is a need to help people Islamicaly, that people can think things over, even though people will see it as reference to me, its not actually about me personally (neither my other threads ie "My intentions",)but how being a Muslims is, so I am using myself as an example when heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement, that is why I created the threads as its for an Islamic reason not a personal one as you are in actual fact being critical of attacking a person simply by talking about heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement. I like to also add that this has not been good for websites to make things about people personally, which I was not expecting from Muslims, as we are interested in Islam to see and hear the truth. So refrain from making things personal and complain to the moderators instead.

I will leave it till the Day of Judgement, were I know that how I am is actually acceptable, people have refused to acknowledge that I my points, they have always used one situation as I mentioned before to try and be right about another. My loyalty is to Allah, not going to compromise in case I upset some people.

I pray that people be strong and steadfast in Islam to go through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement and from the fires of Hell. I pray to Allah that people who have done well in reading and Islamicaly behaving as one should be, to Allah increase them with knowledge (as this is clearly what they are after and not to make it personal attacks), that I have every confidence that they will do well, and even learn what I haven't even done so, I only ask them not be led by others no matter the dire circumstances in this world, no matter if you are going through a drought, stand back remember Allah and the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell. Do not be pushed into anything.

Remember Allah and the Day of Judgement much.

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08-07-2010, 04:43 AM
Assalamu-Alaikum Sister!!

I am an undergraduate student.I read what you've written and I completely agree with you that as Muslims we must be mature enough to take stuff as seriously as they're supposed to be.We are surely under no circumstances in a condition to be neglectful as far as our deen is concerned.My understanding of this will be:

Deen = Duniya(World) + Akihra (Herafter)

There's this beautiful couplet in Urdu by the poet of East.I'll try to translate it using my best English language skills:

Dard-e-dil kay waastay paida kia Insaan ko;Warna ta'at kay liye kuch kum na thay karro bayan

Man was born to feel(for the fellow beings and help them out by being nice or whatever;Otherwise God had no recession in those worshiping Him.

You're excellent while presenting things as they are and yes you are right about it that nobody is that way.I feel a little softness would make it more affective.you have knowledge but its said in Urdu that words are not merely judged by what they mean but the tone also adds lot to it(this would be for Muslims)And for non-Muslims its even said in the Holy Quran that da'wah should be done tactfully,intelligently.

Since I happen to study behavioral science,the basics of communication is to be a good listener.Our Prophet(S.A.W.W) was a keen listener.Even if one wants to correct someone one can always also do it politely saying all right and just.Trust me at times like these,when even little kids won't listen to their parents and would start doing the same thing from which they have been refrained from if the parents are too harsh on them-though over right stuff.Its only obvious that we're helping a non-Muslim rather getting away from Islam then to come closer.


cat eyes
08-08-2010, 05:50 PM
:wub::sl:sis we know judgement day is approaching. the signs are everywhere.. no body is ignoring that or have openly rejected these signs :)

i think that the muslim members here are just genuinely afraid your scaring non muslims away because of your tact of dawah you use.

sometimes when we are told our faults its difficult to accept them because of the ego thats inside most of us.. but we can all compromise if we wanted and take the opinions of these members into consideration? :) please forgive them for sake of Allah and understand where there coming from.

we all have faults within us. and i do like your posts since you've joined.

Allah does not want us to fight our brothers and sisters but be kind no matter what opinion they have sis and as i said just try to understand where there coming from and just consider implementing there idea of dawah because theres loads of different tacts you can use.

this is a public forum and loads of non muslims read these threads, because you don't have to be a member to read through a forum since its public. members are also free to comment and no matter what you do or how you feel about it.. they are going to have an opinion so theres no point in constantly fighting them.

if you actually consider there feelings and reflect on what there saying.. you would not get so angry with them and then when your angry naturally they are going to get angry back

so don't you see that sis.. it can be highly annoying and its making shayytaan happy thats all its doing. as i said we all have faults even myself but we just have to try and better ourselves for sake of Allah and not for people then you will see people will act differently with you

may Allah bless you dear sister and i hope you understand where im coming from too:wub::wub:

Rhubarb Tart
08-08-2010, 05:58 PM
Sis h-n
Ramadan kareem

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08-09-2010, 01:25 AM
Being concerned about what non-Muslims may think.

I already am aware of what Muslims are saying about non-Muslims being put off. Which from all the threads that I have written in red including "Sinners being destroyed and a good job too" thread. There were issues with even converts were relating themselves to non-Muslims, which I said is unacceptable, they are not the same, look at how much they have rejected. Allah will be destroying these countries, not waiting forever for them to repent. People sometimes mentioned that people repent in different ways, again people are missing the point, the Prophets gave the same message to a group of people who all had different personalities. People quote this person repented because when this happened to them, but we don't go around getting people to act and behave the same, we don't go around poking them to try and get the same reaction as people in the past. It is our job to provide the message, its up to them to react with which ever way they choose, whether bad or good. We don't start trying to re-create the same situation, scenario.

People today, are not as polite as people in the past, people are more aggresive then people in the past, even people are willing to kill people for no reason at all, even elder prisoners in jail are looking at the younger generation of inmates as really bad, going around for killing someone, just for looking at you "in the wrong way". Even there are teenagers, their "happy-slapping" incidents etc, teenage girls beating up Grandmothers, you'll just have to accept it whether you like it or not, I am talking in an acceptable way today, not rude, but directly to the point and there is no way, I would put my arms around them to comfort them, I would tell them to repent or they will be going to Hell, frankly they have already eaten so much that Allah has already provided, have clothing, shelter.

Do not tell me that I am wrong in my approach in this world today, and do not tell me to treat non-Muslims as if they have been living innocently in a remote village were nothing ever happened and they never knew or saw any natural disaster!

1. I have NEVER treated and thought of the non-Muslims even before Sep 11, of not understanding issues, what is required of them to be good. If you read the "Sinners being destroyed and a good job too" thread, it highlighted the differences of other Muslims vastly underestimating what Allah has provided.

-I have spent so long heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement, which INCLUDES looking at Allah providing so much to non-Muslims and helping them to repent (which is also why I know what I know today, so if I was wrong, and try to hasten things up, then what I write would be twisted and biased), how I write is fine, as I already warned even non-Muslims on Ummah, that you won't be able to have a conversation as they are now with Muslims when the countries collapse and when we go through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement. At least I told them, which they have not heard many or if no Muslim do!! That there will be a time when we will not be having a dialogue as you see today with them.

-I consider myself upto date in this world, and don't treat as others do, were they want to make things the same, countries remaining the same for them to talk to non-Muslims in the same fashion, which is even what people will still try and do in future, by trying to take the gold from the Euphrates, which is wrong as gold, is not going to protect you from the Gog and Magog, the Dajjal etc, those times are gone were its not just about standard of living (explained a bit more in the "Major signs of the Day of Judgement" thread. What do they think they are going to do with the Gold? Build a house and live in it and be OK, that is not even possible.

-if they wanted someone else to speak to, why did they not already listen to the rest of my Muslims Brothers and Sisters before?? What stopped the from following the examples of Prophet Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Ibrahim peace be upon them etc?? I even said to others on Ummah, I am not embarrassed etc, if you want to speak to my "nice" Muslim Brothers and Sisters then go ahead, as long as you don't waste time. It has actually been proven that they had wasted time, even years not learning the basics of Islam (I wasn't actively talking to non-Muslims on Ummah, but considering they were wasting time being trolls, I answered their posts, which has proven and at least the rest of the Muslims have seen it that they are clear rejectors of the truth).

2. I have spent practically all my life in the UK and I certainly don't have an issue what other people are saying about being put off. My threads are not a put off, what they are, are summarises. If people ignore lets say, to drink a water everyday, and if they have 100 glasses in one go, then it will be too much, my threads are to the point, and it comes across to much (they are not rude or anything). Even non-Muslims have commented they are fine.

3. This is why I am also happy that I only started on the internet on the 30/11/09. Considering all the signs, the wars, again do not treat people if you are starting from the beginning. Which at least I have kept on reminding people, so I am not a putting them off, because if I was talking about Islam, without talking about the fact that countries are finishing, and the Major signs of the Day of Judgement are upon us, then people could have got away with saying that I am not being nice.

-if I was solely talking about how to live in this world, and be totally critical of non-Muslims, then the appearance of my threads changes automatically, as I am not heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement, and again it could be seen as me not being good. But everyone knows that I am just looking at the desperate situation in this world and the time as I see it for sitting their casually, and slowly talking about Islam is not here.

4. Also as per on Ummah website, the non-Muslims could not find a fault in my threads either, they at least understood what it is saying, whether they decide to reject it or not.

-Ask them on the Day of Judgement if they say they did not understand Islam,

-ask them on that Day if I have not put them off, on issues,

-I have gotten to the point with quite a number of non-Muslims (on the Ummah website), whom proven that they did understand what I was saying, but clearly avoiding the relevant points. Rejecting the truth as evil people have done aforetime. They had gotten used to wasting the time of my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, well frankly its not going to work with me. They have proven by their posts that they are rejecting the truth!! I have spoken to Christians, and Atheists etc. They have failed in any of they arguments to me, they are not the ones that are complaining about the thread, it is the Muslims who are quick to think of what others may say. This is a sign of weakness, as we are here to talk about Islam anyway, not to hide it incase what non-Muslims may think. Anyhow, they are aware that I am actively here for Muslims, and have no interest in having a "go at them". Actually they only joined in criticism after seeing other Muslims do that, which even they were differentiating who was weak in Islam and who was not, just a the USA does in choosing which Muslim to get along with the most.

- Muslims should not be worried about what non-Muslims think, as we cannot hide what Islam says, as if we did then it would be embarrassing on the Day of Judgement. We are not going to turn Islam into Judaism, Christianity to pick and choose what people want to hear.

-they are not willing to accept the one God-clear lies they utter and you choose to believe them, when they start playing innocent??

They are willing to reject headscarves (when accepting lewd clothings)
be happy if one leaves Islam (as people did aforetime),
re-elected Bush even though they knew he tortured believers (when people also accepted Pharoah, instead of Prophet Moses peace be upon him, knowing full well he also tortured and killed Muslims).

5. I am 100% confident with what I am saying and how I am saying it (which is understandable to read, and what even non-Muslims would expect a Muslim would say), people need not tell me about how non-Muslims are going to be, because I already don't underestimate them, they are good enough to be judged by Allah, and be sent to Hell if they don't repent, then I am certainly not going to treat them like if they are stupid.

Leave it till the Day of Judgement and see if they were put off with my threads or not, they recognise me as a Muslim, and don't then have an issue with how my threads are written, actually they side with other Muslims who they seek weak in Islam as they can get along with them more, classic, even people in the past tried to cause rifts between Muslims, even the USA does that wereby it chooses the Muslims who are weaker in Islam to the ones that they see as never going to compromise in Islam. etc.

Frankly, I have spent years, and years heeding the signs, and that is why I am comfortable with all that, which has already happened in this world, I am not putting people off, regardless of what people say, believe me when I say, that is something I would fear Allah for putting people off Islam. We are at the end, people will not be talking about non-Muslims as they are starting from the beginning, and at least I told them the reasons and that we will not be sitting with the non-Muslims, when we have to get up and join the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him.

So if anyone disputes this, then I'll leave it till the Day of Judgement, and then you can ask the non-Muslims then, some have learnt about Islam properly from me, and learnt more about Islam in my direct threads in a short space of time instead of wasting time for months (which the proof is there and their own posts confirm this). There is a time when people will not be talking to the non-Muslims as you see today, and before the collapse of these countries, it is normal to get to the point (which should have been the case anyway), not about chit-chatting away.

So how I am is acceptable for were we are in this world today after everything that we have seen and heard. So I already have spent so long with non-Muslims, and not just spent my life for the sake of living in this world, but also looking in the context of the being warned from Allah, so people should not be concerned of how I am writing as I fully know what I am doing and saying. I would certainly not talk in this manner to children, or if a person has never heard about Islam before, but consider this the sign of the times, of course as soon as they countries collapse, your not going to give someone an introduction to Islam.

I respect what Allah has provided, and he has provided in abundance, therefore I can NEVER treat what is happening today as minor, and wil not treat people as if they are learning about Islam from the beginning. Even if they join your website tomorrow, NEVER underestimate what Allah has already provided them beforehand. For me to talk differently means I would be accepting that it was acceptable for people not to heed the many signs that Allah has already provided, which Allah has never taught us that is acceptable, so I cannot, and will not.

Frankly, I understand the non-Muslims, more then people seem to realise, and as above, Islamically, I don't have an issue with the way I write, as there is a time when they will no longer be living as you see today. From their many posts and my replies to them, it has been proven that they are rejectors of the truth. At the top of my head I have spoken to even long standing non-Muslims who have persisted to join Muslims websites in the hopes of getting Muslims to question their faith, which an Atheist admitted to doing on Ummah-which I can he has joined here-DataPacRat, at the end he wanted me to take everything I written back as it was making him look bad, he even said he had some credibility on the internet!! He could not refute anything, and he wanted me to take things back, in my thread on Ummah called "Do you think these countries are are collapsing too?" thread in the General section on page 117 at the moment (so its a good job, that I am upto date, not wasting time and getting people to be to the point and not treat it as if they have longer to discuss Islam etc, some of the good posts have been deleted unfortunately, not for good reason, by me calling him an idiot but the rest are there)!! Also on of the first threads I got involved in on Ummah was Archbishop for the "Armed forces says : Admire the Taliban" which is on page 90, in the Current affairs section (need to be a member to see), Already I have my intention set, to help Muslims to be strong and steadfast in Islam which includes not being fooled by non-Muslims.

Also of all that I know, do you not think that I could also too be focused on non-Muslims??? I have made the right choice by speaking to Muslims and were we are in this world after having witnessed so much. Having been on Ummah, I have found some of my other threads that I had posted there, so I will post them here.

People do get warned, if you tell someone 100 times to stop throwing something, and then if they don't you would be exasperated, at the end of the day, they have got away with being casual, thinking they can do anything, say anything, well there comes a time, when people are not going to deal with them lightly anyway. Even thoughI am just to the point and not a time waster.

Remember Allah and the Day of Judgement. Ramadan Mubarak to all. I thought I'd leave it to that, happy to answer relevant points. Leave it to that and go through Ramadan in peace.

08-16-2010, 04:12 AM
considering the posts that I have received, I have decided to write the below as there are important Islamic reasons of how people are, do not derail this thread and I refer back to post 1.

How people can talk

1. If a teacher was going to teach lets say physics, and if he was shouting at his students of course that is no way to teach people. I agree with this.

2. If a person's family member was suffering or killed because of the malicious intent of another, then it is acceptable to be angry about it. I agree with this. As people can see they are responding to a situation.

3. People have treated me as per point 1 as above, so everytime I talk about the signs of the Day of Judgement, they think I am just talking about Islam, WHEN this is actually personally how I respond as per point 2 as above. So people are talking to me as if they are seperating the two;-

-me as an individual
-and then talking about Islam.

-but for me they are not seperate and should not be for anyone else.

The reason as stated many times and even on "My intentions" is that you are talking to a person who is responding to the events around them and heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement. That is why if someone was to ask me to change it is not possible as that means I would stop heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement. You are talking to someone who is not just going to say, yes the Day of Judgement is happening one Day, but being serious about the issues, hence why i was able to write my threads, were I only used a link paritally for the Major signs of the Day of Judgement thread. i have written my threads in one draft and have not used any sources for the rest of them of them (except of course the Quran), ie the Collapse of these countries. So I have spent my time heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement way before Sep 11. So I am not biased in my views, hence writing "Not our Goal".

Even on Ummah some people and even a Chrisitan was asking me if something bad must of happened to me, then I answered is this the only way for you to look at serious issues?? You wait for something to happen to you? Anyway, why i look towards teh Day of Judgement is not because something bad as happened to me, and even if something bad did happen to effect me, I certainly would not have learnt about islam the Way I have, as I would just be acting as a victim and just feeling sorry for myself if that is on my mind.

Depressing people

There are people who think I may be depressed, just because I don't care for the life of this world this is certainly not the case. I am aware that there are people who do not want to hear about heeding the signs, so I have really stayed within my own threads. Which has been good, so if anyone wants to read the threads they can, not to have them derailed, when people are not even refuting the first post.

That is also why I am HAPPY, that I didn't come on the internet before, as people could got away with saying I am interfering with how and what they want to learn about Islam, if I was to go around the threads saying that we are heading towards the Major signs of the Day of Judgement.

I do not want to change the feel of the forum, and what the Moderators want to portray. So I simply wrote my threads and have kept myself largely in my own threads (were actually there isn't a problem with how the thread is written), it is MY POST REPLIES to other people's derailment posts that they have complained about, because there is no way that find acceptable for anyone to derail threads which they cannot even refute, they talk about something completely different and talk as if they are going to continue talking about islam as they have been. So what about if they went to a classroom and a teacher is talking about heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement and they are just changing the lesson to how to live in this world, that is unacceptable. I absolutely do not want to see anyone going to Hell and I do not hold anything against others. People should not be joining the bandwagon though when people are critical of me, because of course they don't know all the history but these people have been told time and time again by myself and they have which the PROOF is there that they refuse and missed what I am talking about, and if they had such a problem with the way I write then why did they not refute the "Attacking me" threads etc?? People should not be siding with others without knowing the full picture wheras I DO-NO ONE HAS ACTUALLY REFUTED THE THREAD CONTENT, AS ABOVE they are just telling me to talk about living in this world, so what are they saying? That no one can talk about heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement, the Quran is filled with mentioning the Last Day. I am aware that people are changing talking more of the hadith more to portray Islam more nicely to people, of course the hadiths was were Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was talking to other Muslims not all to non-Muslims, I am not saying they cannot be used (AND if people are going to complain about this then write your own thread, but there is a serious issue of many Muslims just treating the non-Muslims as if wer are starting from the beginning and vastly underestimate what Allah has provided), but it has been evident from their replies that that they are missing the points from the Quran (even though I am not activiely talking to non-Muslims I will state some of them);-

-no one who is responsible for their actions on the Day of Judgement is classified as an innocent person,
-there is no innocent reason for rejecting Islam,
-the Prophets did not say it was OK for people to repent tomorrow or next week, but of course Islam is not imposed on people.
- Allah has NEVER said it was acceptable for a person NOT to worship him, remember the Day of Judgement,
-the Prophets Lut, Noah, Ibrahim peace be upon them etc told people to repent on the FIRST day, there was NO introduction course, if Islam was so strange to them, why did the Prophets ask people to repent to Allah on the first day??
-I am already aware of non-Muslims more then people think, as per my "Freedom and evil acceptance", "Non-Muslims and Islam", and "Turning to Islam" threads etc. I do not treat them like if they are dumb, if they were so dumb then why should Allah hold the evil deeds against them on the Day of Judgement???

So I am not going to talk as Christians and Jews, who miss what the relevant issues and talk about how nicely people treat each other. If they were so successful why is there plenty of them that do not even wish to talk about Hell and even if you mentioned the Day of Judgement in the UK they would treat you as if you are mad?? I am not going to compromise, and certainly people like as I am doing now, will not care to compromise when they have to join the Mahdi, they will not want to sit their with the non-Muslims, they'll just get up and leave, its not being rude, no time of talking to you, if of course Prophet Jesus peace be upon him did arrive right now (which of course is not the case), I will leave my workplace and I would not care about selling my pocessions, and telling my banks and businesses not to bother posting to me, I will get up and just take a few pocessions and leave. Of course then when he will be here for real planes will not be operating. Its not hard to realise that when the UK, US etc collapses, banks and businesses would not operate and people will not be creating mobiles and sitting in factories when the Dajjal is here, as there will be a drought and they are not living as they once did. It is not rude for people to leave the unbelievers for when the Gog and Magog arrives, it is not rude not to talk to them when the beast marks their foreheads.

Its good that Muslims have people who are serious and understand what they are talking about, as of course i do not have a billboard saying the "End is nigh", I am saying that they Day of Judgement is upon us, and I have talked about the life that you see today is over and we go through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement, so not only am I saying the Day of Judgement i have talked about why as per the "Collapse of these countries" thread. If there is anything else that is relevant to talk about I will create a thread.

You have to accept that there are people who seriously spend their life heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement and looking towards the next world, so we are never going to talk as other people want us to in how they do when they talking about how to ive in this world. More people will be heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement. People have only proven that they needed reminders, and I am happy to offer the best that I have to give, in my threads which are direct, to the point. As I am not wasting time and I will NEVER look towards living in this world, I am planning to leave the UK permanently and to go to Pakistan first, not to make a new life for myself there, but to go through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement. When I already joined the forum in 30/11/09, I already knew I would not be spending much time, I do believe that the countreis are finishing right now, so of course I would not be sitting there telling people for years. As stated in other threads, that people themselves will witness the rest of the events for no more of these countries.

So my advice to my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, as per my threads "Collapse of these countries" and "Major signs of the Day of Judgement" and "Murder", is this no matter how bad things get, no matter if you are starving, and even if a member of your family gets killed by someone, do not do anything except join the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. The whole world is going to face the Dajjal, the Gog and Magog not as you see today with only such and such nation facing a disaster. We know that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is coming after these countries have finished and people today are not going to get another Prophet, as they have received Islam. Whether people like it or not, countries will finish collapsing soon, they are not going to stop working when the trumpet blows (signifying the Day of Judgement), these countries are long gone before then. if someone gets killed that you care about, its not just about getting justice, as we are going together to face the rest of the events, you need to be patient and not be pulled to join anyone out of desperation. I will come now and then if I feel that its good to talk about such and such things but I absolutely believe that people will be busy witnessing the events. Do not join in with terrorists groups, or anyone talking about state building, and even if they attack Iran etc be calm as bigger events are happning the end of these countries. So no longer will people be lookiing at what Politicians as you see today will be doingas they won't be able to continue. Just remember Allah and be patient.

Remember Allah and the Day of Judgement much.

08-16-2010, 06:28 PM
As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم):

Surah Al Ahzab 33:70

70. O you who believe! Keep your duty to Allâh and fear Him, and speak (always) the truth.
(Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan translation)

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